Introduction: DIY Iron Man Arc Reactor Overview

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I know you've always wanted to be a superhero and while Iron Man doesn't nessesarily have powers, he is still the most likely kind of superhero that would exist in real life because he isn't as far fetched as genetic mutation and superhuman powers. Anyway with the Avengers in theaters I just had to post an overview video of my arc reactor. BTW this arc reactor cost me nothing to make because I used spare parts and LEDs from a 25 LED flashlight. Rate comment subscribe.

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 - here is a full list of materials that i used-
9 white LEDs
thin gauge scrap wire
AAA battery back (could use AA)
2 pieces of at least 1yd of wire
VCR player (for metal body parts)
Plastic icecream container 
instamorph (or something non conductive that you can use as the backing) also you could use shapelock which is basically the same thing as instamorph

for the VCR player i used one that was also a dvd player (don't bother buying one just find a trashed or used one)

take that apart and get out the pieces that you need (should be the main aluminum body and the coil part which are two separate things (check video for what you're are looking for in the player. 

Also you will need soldering skills for the wiring and the basic knowledge of wiring (google LED wiring basics for help). You are just wiring the LEDs all + together and all -together. Also the one other tool you need is a drill to drill holes where LEDs go in the main body

As for a step by step tutorial on this I do have the parts to make another one exactly like this one that I would probably sell but depending on feedback will depend on how soon I make it and a tutorial.

Good luck and if you do make this project send me pics of it or something, and feel free to consult for help. And show others the video. thanks for feedback!

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