Introduction: DIY Jack O' Lantern Plush/Pincushion

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Since Halloween is coming up soon, I decided to make a jack o' lantern plush/pincushion (shoutout to Swansong for the idea to make it a pincushion). This project is beginner level, meaning I explain the steps so a complete newbie to sewing can understand them. You can totally still make this if you're a sewing expert, you can just skip the parts that explain it for beginners. I'll probably reference back to this in future projects (i.e. how to thread a needle).

For materials, you will need:

-orange felt

-black felt

-brown felt

NOTE: I am using felt, but any other cloth would also work.

-a pen


-the stencils attached in Step #2 (or paper (preferably cardstock or thicker paper) if you want to make your own stencils)

NOTE: I am using normal scissors, but felt scissors would work even better.

-brown thread

-black thread

-needle threader (optional)

NOTE: If you can thread a needle without a threader, that's fine, it's just easier with one.


NOTE: Two needles would work best, but you could use one and just cut off the string and rethread it when you need to change colors, which is what I did.


Step 1: Cutting Out the Pieces

Use the template attached to trace five 'pumpkin pieces' onto the orange felt with a pen, or if you want, cut out your own almond shape and use it as a template.

Cut out the five pieces.

Use the template to cut out the smile from black felt or make your own smile.

Cut out three triangles. These should be simple enough to do on your own, and they're also very small, so I didn't include them on the template.

Arrange the face on one orange piece.

Trace the stem piece onto the brown felt and cut it out.

Step 2: Threading and Knotting the Needle

Now you'll thread and knot your needle! If you already know how to do this, just thread your needle with black thread, but if not, I will show you!

First cut the black thread. I am using a method where you fold your thread over itself both so you don't have to be worried about it slipping out of the needle, and because it makes the thread stronger. So if you are gonna use my method, you're going to want to measure out twice as much thread as you want to have. Then cut this off.

I am using a needle threader. If you can, you can just stick the thread through the eye of the needle, but it can be a bit tricky. I would suggest wetting the end first if you're trying to do it without a needle threader. If you are using a needle threader, poke the tip of the wire loop through the eye of the needle. Now stick the thread through the hole and pull the needle off the threader. Put the needle threader aside.

Take the two ends of black thread and line them up. Now wrap them around the tip of the needle three times, then pull the three loops down over the eye of the needle to the end of the thread. You should now have a knot. If you don't, try it again. Once you have a knot, move on to the next step.

Step 3: Stitching on the Face

Now you're going to be using your threaded needle to stitch the face on.

Attached is the pattern of stitches I used (it's in white so you can see it, in the real thing you shouldn't be able to see the stitches). If you're new to sewing, try stitching one of the stitches on that pattern. Just stick the needle up through the starting point, pull gently until you feel the knot tighten on the back, then push it back though at the end point and pull the stitch tight. Once you've finished, it may look very messy on the back, but that's alright, because you won't be able to see that in the finished plush.

Now comes a slightly tricky part for beginners. We'll be tying off the thread. What you'll do here is once you're on the back of the felt, poke the needle under the nearest stitch. Now gently pull through, but not all the way. About halfway, stick the needle through the small loop created, and pull tight. There should now be a small knot tying it off.

Step 4: Stitching the Pieces Together

Now we'll be stitching the pieces together! Thread your needle with brown thread.

Take your pumpkin piece with the face and lay it on top of another piece, face down. Stick the needle through the bottom (very important) corner of the two pieces and pull it until you feel the knot, then take it around to the other side and poke it through the edge, a stitch length away from the knot.

Now repeat this process most of the way up the side. Stop around where it shows in the pictures attached. Flip the two pieces inside out.

This next step is crucial to the way your pumpkin will turn out, so be careful. Now you're going to take another pumpkin piece and put it on top of the blank piece. Then sew along the left side like before.

In case you haven't caught on to the pattern yet, when you're finished this time, flip the new piece inside out and add another blank piece on top of the last one and sew it together. If when you flip your new piece inside out it doesn't work the same way as the others, you can cut the stitches, but it tears up the felt if you do it a lot, so that's why you need to be careful with this. When you flip it inside out, it should be smooth and round, with small grooves between pieces.

Keep doing this for all of your pieces, and when you're finished, flip it back right side out, then take the edge of the last piece and hold it up to the edge of the first piece, and sew along the edge. Sew up any holes.

Step 5: Stuffing and Finishing Our Pumpkin!

Now we're going to add our stuffing to make it nice and fluffy! Once you've finished sewing up your pumpkin, flip it inside out again, and add stuffing.

Take your stem piece and roll it up tightly. Poke your needle up and through the roll, next to the flap. Now poke it through the edge of the flap and back through the roll. Repeat until the roll is tightly sewn up.

Rest the tip of the stem on the stuffing and poke the needle through the tip of one pumpkin piece, though the stem, and out through the other pumpkin piece. Then poke it back through the same spot. Repeat a few times. Then poke it through the tip of a different pumpkin piece and out the other. Repeat this process until the stem is secure and all the pumpkin pieces are sewn into the center. Sew up any holes along the sides using the same sewing method that we used when sewing the pieces together. Tie off your string.



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