Introduction: DIY Jacuzzi Tub

Easy, portable jacuzzi, preferably for outdoor or basement use.

Step 1: Use Kiddy Pool(s)...

Use a kiddy pool. This model uses 1 x 4 foot by 4 foot pool with another circular pool inside.

WARNINGS: Always check floor support limit, remember water weights 9 pounds per gallon about. Better for basement or outdoor use.

Step 2: Fill With Water..

If you live near the ocean, you can use salt water and save on buying salt.


4-6% salt with filters:

1 u/v fish tank filter

1 carbon fish tank filter

Add .25 (recommended for longer soaks) to 1% epsom salt for calming mineral water (optional)

*The more salt used, the less filtration needed.

Step 3: Use Sunlight to Heat or Heating Element

Get a safe for fish tank or hot tub heating element or coat the inside with a black surface and use outside and sunlight will heat the tub for free!

*Try craigslist for the pools and heating element (if needed).