Introduction: DIY Japanese Lantern

Have you ever at a bbq party,

looked at the bbq skewers and wondered about the countless things you could make from them?

If yes...then continue reading.....

Since forever, I have been obsessed by endless possibilities of the things that could be created from popsicle sticks and wooden skewers. So this summer i decided to finally bring my ideas to the crafting table and finally create something exciting!! Eventually i decided to make a lamp made out of wooden skewers , some jute rope and some tracing sheets.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools Needed

For this project, you will need the bare minimum supplies used for most diy projects.

Supply list:

1) Wooden skewer pack (flat ones)

2) Some rolled jute rope

3) Tracing paper A3 size

4) Fast drying super glue

5) Glue gun with glue sticks

6) Steel clippers

7) Roller cutter or an exacto knife

8) LIGHTING: This is optional. The lamp looks awesome even without a light bulb, simply as a hanging decor piece. If you like, you can use a light bulb connection or a round tea candle.

Step 2:

Before you decide to cut or cement anything you will need a plan....

Now this part totally depends on big, tall or wide you would want the lamp is a personal choice. What you want to make is a rectangular cuboid made out of the skewers you collected with tracing paper sandwiched in between and finally using jute rope to suspend the lamp! So now decide your sizes and scale for the frame of the lamp along side the size of the tracing paper you have decided to use.

Step 3: Cut It...cut It...cut It

What are you waiting for you genius!?

Go grab your steel cutters and start cutting according to the sizes you've written down!

Make sure the angle between the sticks are 90 degrees and make sure to make 45 degree cuts or if not just make plane straight cuts so the frame is proportional.

Step 4:

Now start gluing the four sections of the frame either with fast drying glue or with the glue gun.

In my opinion the fast drying glue is better as it finishes all the play between parts....

but once done cannot be redone or reversed, vice versa with the hot glue gun. This is where accuracy matters the most!

Step 5:

This is the step where you would need the glaze paper or tracing paper.

After you grab hold of them,

Put them on top of the each panel and cut them accordingly with the circular

cutters After which cement them with hot glue or fast drying glue.

Step 6:

After sandwiching the tracing paper with the panels together .

You should be left with 4 panels.

Congrats your already nearing the end of this fun project!

Now align all the four panels together forming a cuboid except the ending of the skewers that stick out.

Now cement them together with fast drying glue with extreme accuracy and precision

*check if it looks similar to the one in the picture*

Step 7:

This is the last leg of the project

Atlast you need a way to make this supendible.

That is why now you need to grab your jute rope and your glue gun.

Slowly glue the exposed part of the skewers with jute and leave extra to tie all four pieces together so you cmay suspend it.

*You want to use hot glue over fast drying glue over here as its more easy to work with jute*


You have finally completed the important part of this project!

Now if you would like to add lighting to it, add a design pattern on the tracing paper or redesign another japanese lamp.... the choice is yours ....

I have included a few pictures of some japanese lamps besides mines to give you an idea of how they should look.

I hope you had fun viewing my first project on instructables!!!

hopefully more fun projects to come out!

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