Introduction: DIY Jean Planters - Recycled

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I am a freak if it comes to room decor. As you might expect since most of my DIY's are room decor DIY's. I sometimes do struggle with matching decor. I also have tons of different plant pot, since every time I buy a new one I need a new pot of the right size. I always end up with different plant pots. So I wanted to make my own. I actually created mine before finding this contest. These plant pots actually match with almost every room, since it's a pretty natural looking color. I love denim because it looks pretty good with natural products, while also fitting in with an industrial place. This is also the kind of thing I would find at a magazine with minimal rooms. I was inspired by an instagram post with paper bags this shape. It looked awesome and I wanted to recreate it as a plant pot. On to top of that I just adore making recycled projects since they're just super cheap.

It is made of fabric so I do recommend putting a plate under the regular plastic pot the plant comes in, so the water doesn't ruin your surface. The water can stil drain but you won't be able to see the plate, since it's hidden inside the denim bag.

Step 1: Materials


hot glue

old jeans

Step 2:

The first step to this craft is cutting one of the legs of the jean, out of one jean you can make around four plant pots. The size needs to be around 25cm to 30cm which is around 10 inches to 12 inch.

Step 3:

Now you'll be folding the jean leg you just cut out. i did this without measuring, you don't need to measure it to turn out good, it's really easy. You will just have to fold to triangles as shown in the image.

Step 4:

Now you can just glue the fold you just made. you do have to overlap them a little bit to be able to glue them together. a tip with hot glue is to glue a little bit at a time and work fast to glue the peaces together before the glue dries.

Step 5:

When you're done glueing the first folds, you will fold two simular triangles on the sides that haven't been folded yet. Just fold two triangles to the middle as shown on the pictures. Glue these down and you're almost done.

Step 6:

This is how it should look when you're done glueing.

Step 7:

Now just fold over the edges to make your planter look neater and finish it of

Step 8:

Put your favorite plants inside, and enjoy your new home decor.

Step 9:


have a nice day :)

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