DIY Jenga Block Clock

Introduction: DIY Jenga Block Clock

If you want to make an easy clock, Jenga blocks were a low cost and nice looking material for a clock. The Jenga blocks were very cheap and were able to be purchased from a Target or Walmart nearby. We personally used a knock-off brand of Jenga blocks and they were the exact same.

Step 1: Puting the Framework Together

The Jenga block were very similar to any other type of generic wood. It can be easily cut and shaped into any type of patterns that are desired. We made a pattern shown in the picture of four blocks glued to three blocks. A continuation was made of this to make the clock. Again any pattern can be made using a hot glue gun or adhesive.

Step 2: Continuing to Make the Pattern

We continued the pattern of three blocks and four blocks glued together. Again any pattern can be used but this is the one we did. The progress at the halfway point of just gluing it together.

Step 3: Finished Base of the Clock

The image above is the finished pattern of four blocks and three blocks alternating with the base of two blocks. Any excess glue or adhesive can either be sanded down of cut off with a knife.

Step 4: The Clock Kit

After constructing the base of the clock, we needed an actual set of clock pieces so we can make the clock actually work. These sets are found at hobby stores or online and are low cost.

Step 5: Designing and Drilling the Hole

Above is another common tool and that is the stencil. The stencil is used with a red sharpie to make the numbers. Again any way the numbers are desired to be made can be used but we also measured the numbers to be exact same distances from the center of the clock. Then, we used a drill to drill a hole in the middle for the clock kit to fit.

Step 6: The Back of the Clock With the Kit Attached

The clock kit is easily attached and comes with instructions. It then requires a AA battery and beings to work right away.


We ended up decorating the face of the clock with the various sayings and important things to our school Brophy. Again here is where creativity can be used as you can customize the clock to what your want it to be. Thanks and we hope you enjoy the final product.

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    7 years ago

    Is this for DeSmet?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, that turned out pretty good. Love the bright, clear photos, too!