Introduction: DIY Jewelry Storage

Storing jewelry is always a challenge, but this easy DIY project is easy, fun and you can make it match prints to coordinate with your home decor.

Take a digital photo of a few of your home decor prints from chairs, sheets, wall art or even carpet. Send them over to a printer to prints 3M films made for cars. These are adhesive backed and will adhere to anything.

Using your prints copy a design on your wood or canvas frames. Follow the design by adding hot glue to make your project 3 dimensional.

Peel off the backer from your printed films and apply over the design. Using a hair dryer stretch the film and press into the glue design with your fingers or blunt end of a pen.

Stack layers of your wood canvases. Use small wood blocks to create depth. Connect with hot glue. Add a small curtain rod with hot glue. Using pliers bend shower S shaped curtain hooks and hang them from the rod to made hangers for the jewelry.

Screw hooks into the wood to create additional hangers. For bracelets use circular shower hooks to hold your bracelets in color groupings and hang from the hooks.

You'll never have tangled jewelry again.

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