Introduction: Personalized Journal Tutorial

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DIY Journal

Personalizing your own journal or notebook is a very simple and affordable project. It only takes an hour at the most, but usually less. There are a variety of images available for sale online. They come as an instant download in a JPEG or PDF format that you can download and print on your home printer. You get to choose what type of paper you would like to print it on, what style of journal you would like to affix it to, and the color combinations that are most pleasing to you. To guide you through the process I have detailed the steps below. Follow these simple steps and you will have a journal that uniquely yours! It's a perfect project for a rainy spring day! The images used in this tutorial come from Etsy ( and there are many more to choose from beside those posted here.

Step 1: Purchase a Journal or Notebook.

I found mine at Marshall's but I have also located them at Ross, TJ Max, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Amazon PaperSource. (Cost approximately $2.99 - $5.99).

Step 2: Search Etsy for an Image

The images used in this tutorial were purchased at (The images I used cost about $3 each). Make sure you are choosing images that fit your journal. The ones I used were 5x7 sized. Purchase and download your images.

Step 3: Paper

Decide what type of paper you would like to print your image on. You don't have to use a special paper like I will outline here if your trying to keep your costs down. You can use whatever paper you have at home. Some ideas for paper are Canvas Paper,Bristol (Card Stock) or Watercolor paper as shown in the photo. I chose to use watercolor paper for my prints.

Step 4: Print and Trim

Print your image in color onto the paper of your choice and trim the image to the appropriate size to fit your journal using scissors or a paper cutter as shown here.

Step 5: Finish Work

Using Glue dots, glue stick, or scrapbook tape or glue affix the print to the cover of your journal!

Visit for more tutorials and for printables to use in your own creative projects.


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