DIY | Joystick Controlled Remote Car Using Arduino

Introduction: DIY | Joystick Controlled Remote Car Using Arduino

About: I am an Electronic software engineer

All of us Likes to play with a Remote controlled car.

Here , we are going to make a car which can be controlled using a Joystick or Buttons

Step 1: Watch the Video

Please watch the video before building your own Remote car.

Step 2: Gather Required Parts

Parts List: (

4wd Car kit :

Arduino UNO :

Arduino Nano :

L298 Motor Driver :

nRf24L01 Modules :

Joystick :

18650 Li-ion battery : (If possible buy this from local shop)

18650 Li-ion battery charger :

Battery Holders :

Wires :

General purpose PCB :

20 mm berg strips : I bought this from local electronics shop

Scotch Tape :

Switches : Local Shop

Tools Required:

Soldering Iron :

Iron I used :

Step 3: Build Transmitter and Receiver

With help of provide schematics build the Transmitter and Receiver.

Step 4: Upload the Code and You Are Ready to Go

Please be careful with Lithium ion batteries.

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    Question 1 year ago on Step 4


    i've followed all the instructions carefully, but still my car is not moving. can you help me with the trouble shooting


    Reply 1 year ago

    Yes. I couldn't troubleshoot the issue. Whether it is library issue or code issue. Because the hardware is working fine for other projects


    Answer 1 year ago

    yes definitely,
    make sure battery gnd, Arduino gnd and L298 motor driver gnd are connected.