Introduction: DIY Kayak Cart

Easy DIY kayak cart to make transporting a kayak much easier.

Step 1: Materials

I made mine out of 3/4 in PVC because I already had almost all of the fittings for 3/4 in PVC. If i were to do it over I probably would have used 1 in, at least for the part that is actually resting against the boat.


- 2x 10 in pneumatic tires ($6 each at harbor freight)

- 5-6 feet of 3/4 in PVC pipe (I think I only used about 4 feet, but its better to have extra and you will most likely buying a 10 foot piece anyway)

- 4x 3/4 in tees

- 4x 3/4 in end caps

- 2x 3/4 in to 1 in threaded end piece (see photo)

- 2x 1 in threaded end cap

- 2x 5/6 in hex bolts (4 inches long)

- 4x 5/6 in washers

- 2-4 5/6 in nuts

- 5/6 in drill bit and drill

- 4x 5/6 in O rings ("waterproofing")

- Teflon tape (helps to thread the threaded PVC parts easier and adds waterproofing)

- PVC cement

- Pool Noodle

- 4x zip-ties

Step 2: Measure and Cut

When it comes to measuring everyones project should be a little bit different because it should be built around the dimensions of your boat, for example I made mine to fit perfectly in the groves of the bottom of the kayak.

I did add the rough dimensions I used (as best as I could remember) in the image but you should measure to fit your boat dimensions and needs.

Step 3: Dry Fit and Glue

Once you have cut all the pieces dry fit them all together and make sure it fits with the boat and make adjustments as needed. When all is good begin glueing.

As you are gluing make sure you are using a mallet to unsure all the pieces are seated all the way into each fitting and make sure every thing is lined up perfectly.

Step 4: Wheel Assembly

First mark the center of your 1 in threaded end cap and drill a 5/6 in hole (use smaller drill bits first and work your way up)

Next add one O ring to the bolt and insert it into the end cap so the head is inside.

Then add another O ring, the washer, then the tire, another washer, and finally the nut.

The PVC end cap can then be threaded on and off the cart easily but still be secure.

Step 5: Paint and Finish

Once everything is glued up you can paint the cart and thread on the wheel assembly. Be sure to use the teflon tape on the plastic threads for a smoother time and for waterproofing.

Add cut the pool noodles and add them to the top as pictured and secure with zip-ties. The project is now done and ready to be strapped to your boat!