Introduction: DIY Key Lights

Hey guys,

So today we are going to make a DIY version of the Elgato Keylight.

As a streamer, the keylights really appealed to me due to the way they mounted to the desk and just how neat they were, unfortunately, I then looked at the price, so I came up with this.

It's a pretty simple build and is quite effective and can come in around a third of the cost for a pair as opposed to buying a keylight.

It's a good idea to stick to the parts below as they all fit together really well but if you want to stray from the designated parts ensure to do some measurements.

First up Parts!

Here is a list of all the parts

  • 2x Duronic DM35 60cm ( Seen Here)
  • 1 x Speedfit 22 mm Straight Connector ( Recommend this one)
    • the important part is that it is a 22mm
  • 2 x Neewer 80cm desk stands (Link)
  • 2 x LED Lights (Like these They will need power supplies)
  • 2 x M5 Bolts


Required Tools

  • Drill
  • Hack Saw/Angle Grinder
  • Epoxy
  • Black spray paint

Step 1: Cut Up Your Mounts

The first step is to cut the mounting pole to an appropriate size, you can use a hacksaw for this but an angle grinder is a lot easier (Duronic has some solid mounts).

It's a good idea to leave about 15 - 20cm of the mounting pole with the mounting holes, we will be drilling through this to put in some bolts for stabilization.

Next, you will need to rough up the top of this cut off portion like the picture, this is to ensure the epoxy bond(we did end up neatening the cut you do want it as even as possible).

Step 2: Mount Your Radiator Couplers

So this coupler we happened to find by chance and it worked a treat, the best thing is you only need one since it has two sides and therefore all the parts you need.

The part we are interested in is the cap that you can screw off with the Speedfit push locking mechanism(As seen in picture two).

Mix up some epoxy and coat the mounting pole, then push the Coupler Cap onto the pipe and let dry.

You should end up with something that looks like Picture three.

Step 3: Taking Apart Your Neewer Mounts

This part is thankfully very easy which is one thing that made these mounts more appealing (besides being one of the few people to offer a mini mount.)

Remove the screw in the bottom base and then release the friction screw and slide off the legs.

Easy as that.

Step 4: Joining It Together and Securing the Extending Pole

Here we are going to drill two holes 90 degrees to each other, These should be quite close together.

Make sure you extend the pole before drilling the hole otherwise you will drill through the inner pole and lock it in place (learnt this lesson the hard way), once these holes are drilled put two bolts in place and cut off any extra.

Step 5: Touch Up and Done

Here is just spray painted the bottom with black spray paint to cover up the white plastic radiator couplers and any scratches sustained to the pole.

You can now also put the Gooseneck on if you need to have a light with a bit more flexibility, I found I didn't need it so I left them off.

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