Introduction: DIY Kid's Origami : How to Make Easy Origami Butterfly

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Hello Paper Craft Lovers! This time let's go back to our childhood days and reminisce about the best of DIY Origami crafts! Don't we all love the charm and sheer simplicity of Home Decor Origami Butterflies? Well that is the exact easy DIY Paper Craft that we will be learning today with the help of a step by step instructions tutorial on how to make an easy paper Origami Butterfly, with simple paper folding techniques of Origami Art.

There is absolutely no need of special craft supplies, just a piece of paper and you are all set to make a pretty and vibrant colored origami craft of butterfly.

Come on let us learn this colorful Origami Butterfly that you can also use for home decoration ideas.

Step 1: Start Your Craft!

Take a colored paper and cut out a perfect square shaped paper from it, measuring equal from all sides.

Fold to get 6 diagonal and bisecting folds in the paper.

Step 2: Keep Folding!

Hold the center of the paper keeping one triangle folded and fold the other one on top of it.

Step 3: Shape Your Butterfly.

Trim one side of the overlapping triangles to give a rounded shape to its body.

Refold the inner triangles in the way shown above.

Step 4: Build Your Craft!

Now take the bottom end of the triangle and fold it behind the wings, cinching it towards the top of the butterfly.

Shape the lower wings with your fingers.

Step 5: Decorate Your Butterfly!

Add some strokes on the edges of the Butterfly's wings and give a dotted pattern with glitter.

Your Origami Butterfly looks so vibrant and pretty! use this amazing Origami Butterfly Craft as home decoration idea and wall decoration idea by pasting them on the curtains of your home, or even as a girl's room decoration idea. Kid;s can use this Origami Butterfly to decorate and gain good grades to their school assignments! Making this awesome Origami Butterfly is a cool craft and also a fun art and craft activity for kids.

So, watch the step by step tutorial on Origami Butterfly Instructions, get set and take on an awesome Origami Project and let these colorful Origami Butterflies fly through your home.