Introduction: DIY Kids Sorting Toy

Developing children's cognitive and fine motor abilities is important to all parents. There is a variety of toys out there to help with this however they can be expensive and don't always suit your child's specific needs. This DIY kid's sorting toy can be altered to your child's age, needs and interests and is sure to entertain them for hours!

Step 1: Collect Materials and Equipment


1 x Empty Plastic Water Bottle

4 x Differently Shaped Objects


Scissors (or craft knife)


Step 2:

Collect the water bottle, pen and one of the shapes that you have chosen.

Place the shape on one side of the water bottle and trace a line around it.

Step 3:

Set the first shape aside and choose a second shape.

Turn the water bottle over to a different side and place the shape on top.

Trace around this shape using the pen.

Step 4:

Repeat steps 2 & 3 with the other shapes.

Step 5:

Set aside all of your shapes and collect the water bottle and scissors.

Step 6:

Using the scissors, carefully cut out the inside of the shape drawn on the bottle.

Step 7:

Repeat Steps 5 and 6 with the other sides of the bottle.

Step 8:

Using the scissors again, carefully cut around the top of the bottle, as shown in the image above.

Be sure to only cut along three sides of the bottle so that the top remains attached.

Step 9:

Collect the bottle and shaped objects.

Step 10:

Place all shaped objects into their corresponding holes.

To remove them from the bottle, lift the top of the bottle and tip the objects out.

Step 11:

The Sorting Toy is complete!

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