Introduction: DIY Kitchen Notice Board

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I was asked if I could make one of these for a friend. She had seen one but It came with a hefty price tag for what it was. She wanted a board that she could hang on her kitchen wall and the family could leave messages for each other. It could be used as a shopping list, to do list. It can be used for anything.

Step 1: Cut Plywood for Base

I used scrap plywood for this project. I measure out my board and cut it 120cm x 60cm.

Step 2: Cut Paper Supports

I cut 2 smaller strips of wood 60cm x 5cm. These are to hold the paper in place as it comes off the roll. I cut another piece of wood 60cm x 7cm this is for the bottom for the chalk to sit on. I sanded them all down and used a wood router to remove all the edges

Step 3: Add Lip for Pens to Sit On

I used a router with a groove bit to cut 2 channels for the chalk to sit on so they don't keep rolling off. I stained the wood and added 2 coats of clear polyurethane.

Step 4: Add Kraft Paper Roll

You need to make your board according to the size of kraft paper you are able to get. Mine was 450mm x 50m.

Step 5: Add Curtain Hinges for Paper

To hang the paper roll I used an old curtain rod and rod hooks. I screwed the hooks into the top of the board and the paper roll sits on the hooks and rolls down.

Step 6: Add Paper Roll.

I pulled the paper down to the bottom of the board and screwed the 2 support pieces of wood into the base. These will hold the paper in place while you write on it.

More detailed instructions are available on my website