Introduction: DIY LED Glow in the Dark Stickman Costume

Today we are going to show you how to make this cool LED glow in the dark stickman. This costume is a straightforward costume that you can make at home so if you are interested to do this costume just get a dark costume or a suit that is dark and start following the steps!


For this costume you are going to need:

- Black suit ( Murph) see-through
- LED Light ( 1 ) 5 feet

- A glowing mask

- Batteries for the LED lights and mask

Step 1: Design

First, we saw the Instructables Halloween contest, so we started thinking about different ideas and had different opinions. We started to ideate on a paper different costume designs now that we knew that the teachers and most of the people liked and came up with a morph suit with LED´s. We used that idea and started sketching again different models which were cool for everyone´s wants. We came up with a final idea and went to interview some people.

Step 2: Interview

So we wanted to make sure that the questions were open-ended because it would not help a yes and no we needed to know why to think of what we improve. We went out and talked to different teachers about what they liked about Halloween, and what they hated about Halloween. 5/6 teachers told us they loved making their own costumes, and what they hated about Halloween, was kids making bad decisions on a fun night. At that point, we knew that we wanted to do that idea now that it was very creative and people would like it.

Step 3: Measure

We started to work on our costume so we began by measuring. We needed to take measures of the full-body of the morph suit so we made somebody of our group get in it and started measuring. We measured because we needed to know what length and type of LEDs we needed to buy so the measure needed to be very precise and recorded into a document. We concluded and ended with the idea of buying a 5 meter LED strip for the arms legs and body.

Step 4: Getting the Lights

When we finished measuring we started to look at amazon and we discovered some LED lights that matched the mask that we also ordered. The lights cost 9 dollars and the mask 10 if you want to get lights you can go and get one at an office store. The lights that we ordered also had glue or tape on the back so it was easier to paste. We recommend you those because the glue that you put on the lights if it doesn't have glue will trespass the morph suit.

Step 5: Start Building

When the lights arrived we started building by stretching all of the costumes so when we put it on, the lights won't get unplugged from the suit. Then we started gluing the lights and glued them in a straight position in the arms. Then when the lights surpassed the arm we turned it and went back to the middle so we can make the middle part. When we worked on the legs we first put the strip on one leg and measured a friend's foot so the lights won't get in the way. Then we made a circle and went up to the other leg which we also did the same. We had leftover of LED strip so what we did with it was go up all in the middle part of the suit and made the neck.

Step 6: Your Done! (Final Product)

When you finish putting the lights and testing them so they work and stay glued to the suit basically you're done!!! The final product was probably one of the best Halloween costumes I've ever seen or made in my entire life. My friends and I went beyond the design in this costume. Every designer has its own way of thinking, and YOU should think like a designer. Not every professional designer stared making houses, or cars. Everyone has its start and its end to his/her career. Never give up and keep up making designs!

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