Introduction: DIY: LED Music Frequency Spectrum Display Kit

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LED light is welcomed in every household for it is economic, energy-saving, environment-protect and long life span. When we shopping at night, we can see colorful LED tube hanging in the trees or placed as an advertisement board on top of a building or in front of a store, especially during festivals like Christmas. However, sometimes light is not enough to display a wonderful moment. It has to add some music. So i decided to make an invention which can combine these colorful LED light with music i want. So do you believe i can display music with light? Some of you may not think i can do it. Today, i am going to make a gadget by myself and display music with colorful LED light. Want to see what i a going to do? Let’s go!

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Step 1: Material We Need:

First, to make our desired gadget, we have to prepare something.

So i need a set of LED Music Frequency Spectrum Display Kit. And i have made a material list for it. You can see the picture above.

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After we gathered these components, we can move on to our second step: Assembling. Here i have wrote a soldering instruction for you. So don’t worry about you can not do it! It is very simple and easy.

Step 2: Soldering Course

1.Choose 0.6 mm solder wire (bright tin content65%) and 25W or 35W tip or blade electric soldering iron to do welding.

2. Below are pictures for soldering process.

Plate tin onto a welding spot on PCB board.

Step 3: Course Step 2

Then use a tweezer and past a capacitance onto the spot.

Step 4: Course Step 3

After fixed, solder the same spot in the opposite side.

Step 5:

Press IC onto the board, fix IC, weld tin onto footer. Move soldering iron in the right direction with zig-zag movement.(You can add some resin onto it. And repeat this movement several times.)Increase soldering iron temperature and keep it withon 350℃ to 400 ℃.

The above instruction is for people without of any soldering experience or know little about it. You can practice these simple steps so that you can use soldering iron very fast and easily.

If you are the one who is very familiar with soldering, you can skip the above instruction course and come to our topic: to assemble the components we prepared. You can follow my instructions in the following passages.

Step 6: Step1 : Solder LED Light

Pay attention to the polar. The picture below showed negative point.

LED bead of each color can be welded in any place.

Step 7: Step 2 : Solder IC

The small round spot corresponds to the concave part on PCB IC welding plate.

Step 8: Step 3 : Solder Resistance

Solder Resistance

Step 9: Step 5: Solder Electrolytic Capacitor

Note: Capacitor has positive and negative point. The mark in the above picture is negative point. Electrolytic capacitor has a white line. The footer is comparatively shorter.

Step 10: Step 6: Solder USB Socket

Solder USB socket.

Step 11: Step 7: Solder Switch

Switch has no positive or negative point

Step 12: Step 8: Solder Speaker

Pay attention to positive and negative point.

Step 13: Step 9: Install Shell

Completed Installation

Once we completed installation, we can connect our artwork to our mobile and play a music to see what will display. We can see the LED light is dancing on the panel with the music just like the picture below. Isn’t it wonderful and amazing?

Step 14: Working Instructions

1. Enter working mode: Shortly press “Options” to change working mode.Users can set working mode according to their requirements.

2. Exit working mode: After setting working mode, without any operation, 5 minutes later, the chip will exit working mode selection status and enter normal working status.

Tip: If it is connected with a loudspeaker and set to single voice channel working mode, then the display effect will be much better.

Step 15: Layout

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We will timely update interesting invention or products for you. Besides, if you want to know more, you can leave your comments or suggestion or any good idea to us. Your feedback is always welcomed!

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