Introduction: DIY LED Ring Light

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A RING LIGHT is a circular photographic electronic light that fits around a camera lens or surround the camera . Unlike spot light sources, a ring light provides even light with fewer shadows as one light source compensates for the other visible in the resulting photographs because the origin of the light is very close and surrounds the optical axis of the lens.Lester A. Dine was the inventor of ring light in 1952 for use in dental photography,but now is commonly used for portraits, macro, and fashion photography.

this is just a prototype which I made & the second version will be developed soon.

Step 1: Parts Needed

You will need below parts

20x 5 Watt SMT leds

1x Voltage step down Buck converter

I used a 3mm thich 8.5 inch aluminium utensil lid

thermal grease

Mains cable wires

toggle switch

20Volts 3Amps Laptop power supply

Step 2: Cut a Circle Inside the Aluminium Lid

I cut a 4 inch diameter circle in aluminium lid on a lathe machine

sanded up the sharp edges with a sand paper to smooth the sharp edges

Step 3:

took the 5 watt smd leds applied thermal grease and placed it in circle.

took a acrylic piece cut a 4 inch diameter circle.

now after this if you want to replicate it the same way then need to use the exact measurement of your lens and then cut a circle inside so that it can fit just above your lens

With my luck I got the acrylic piece exactly fitting on my lens.

Step 4: Solder the Leds

Once the leds are placed you need to solder place it in parallel

Positive & GND IN parallel.

recomend to use thick gauge wire and solder in

Step 5: Circuit Diagram

Please check this circuit Diagram for reference.

Step 6: Adjusting the Power Supply

Connected the leds to variable power supply & multimeter to check the optimum voltage

with powersupply of 20 volts and connecting a buck converter to it it was coming to 11.8volts with 2amps current.

Step 7: Attaching the Ring Light to the Camera

So once its done then need to take few rubberbands and stick it to the acrylic cutout like how i have done

recomend to use a spebb7 or epoxy glue or use hot glue(hotglue not much reliable).

and then connect the power supply.

Step 8: Test Photos

So first thing I did is clicked some macro photos and turned out really good.

Can also be used for vlogging, video making, potrait shots

Step 9: Review & Improvisation

The Rig turned out really nice however there are few things which I noticed which I would like to tell you.

Heating because the aluminum lid was thin so the Picture what you see above is the second version of it in which I used a thicker plate ( Instructables for the ring light ver2.0 will be uploaded really soon).

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