Introduction: DIY LED Strip-Study Table Illumination

Hello Makers, this is my first instructable project. The basic idea and inspiration behind doing this project is to make my boring and dull hostel room study table into a fully motivating and encouraging table.

Source of Inspiration

Proudly speaking I'm a late-night owl which completes its all work late night, but there was one problem I wasn't able to work for more than an hour without rest, so to be focused and to increase my sitting I need to find some solution for this. So, A few days later I got to know about an article, which states that "To increase your sitting the mandatory step to do is to make your table urging and interesting, which captures your attention towards it" Firstly it was tough to believe on it but then I thought since I have no other idea lets do this for instance. So I made this beautiful setup to make my table urging.

Above mentioned are some images of my room table before and after the experiment.


1. LED Strip(12 Volts)Self adhesive

2. 20-0-20 Stepdown transformer

3. 25v 1000uF capacitor

4. 4 diodes

5. 7812 Voltage regulator

6. Double-sided adhesive tape

7. Soldering ion and equipment

8. Flat Universal 2 pin AC cable

9. Zero PCB

10. Wires

Step 1: Step 1: Make a Power Supply

To illuminate the 12V led strip we need to step down the 220-240V AC to 12V DC so to perform this thing we need to make a power supply that can convert AC to DC. The type of rectification process we will perform in the set up is Bridge Rectification which is considered a better option for transformation.

circuit diagram of bridge rectifier power supply is pinned in above-given images. For those who are new to the world of electronics and want to skip this part without making the supply can buy a 12V dc adapter. Which will also work the same but will cost you a bit. But it is highly recommended to build your own supply coz it can be used in any other project as well.

Tip* if you will add booster at the output you can vary your output voltage according to your desire.

Step 2: Step 2: Connect It With Flat AC 2 Pin Cable

After doing all the procedures properly your supply will look like the image pinned above. After this, you have to connect your transformer AC wire with the Flat AC 2 pin cable. If everything goes well you have successfully completed the major part of your project. You can keep your supply in a box to maintain the tidiness and reduce the chances of an accident.

Now according to your location, you need to stretch your AC cable to the socket. To maintain the tidiness of the project you must pin your wire in a well-designed layout, So for pinning you can use wire holders which you can see in above-given images

Step 3: Step 3: Wire Layout

In this step, you have to keep in mind the tidiness of your project. The most disturbing thing in this project will be your wires so you can use the layout which I have used. I have pinned some of the images above for your inspiration

Step 4: Step 4: Location of LED Strip

The most important part to be taken care of in this project is to select the correct location to stick your led strip it should not be placed directly in front of your eyes, because it could harm your eyes and could impose the worst impact on them.

Guidelines to find an ideal location:

1. It should be focusing on your table right from upside(same like I have used)

2. On your table Borderline.

3. On any lamp but LEDs must be facing downwards.

Step 5: Step 5: Connect the LED Strip

Last part is to connect your strip with power supply for that you need to cut your strip according to the required size.

Things to keep in mind while cutting the LED strip

1. Locate the mark of cutting on the strip.

2. Cut the strip right from the between the mark.

3. If you cut it wrong your whole strip will become a waste. So do it properly.

4. Solder your strip +ve with +ve of supply output and same to the negative part.

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