Introduction: DIY LED Suspended Wooden Wall Shelf

If you're looking for a simple LED shelf you came to the right place. This is my first time building an LED shelf and a shelf of this kind and it went pretty easily and smoothly. It took me about 2 hours to complete the whole thing. Materials I used were

1. 12x6x3/4 inch piece of wood

2.Two 12x2x1/4 inch pieces of wood

3. Two 6x2x1/4 inch pieces of wood

4. Ten 1 inch flat head nails

5. 104 inch White LEDs ( USB connector)

6. Packaging or Scotch Tape

7. Wood Glue, ( optional)

My original plan was to stain the wood with a Walnut Stain but I ran out of time but the stain would look nice.

Step 1: First Find Your Wood!

Since I was going this in a classroom and for my school project I was limit on my wood choice. I ended up choosing a pretty roughly shaped wood. I used a band saw to cut in but later realized I should have used a table saw or different saw. Using this wood I cute it into the 12x6x3/4 piece of would that would be the final piece. The string would have been used to hang the shelf but I decided against it.

Step 2: LEDs and Shelf Lip

After cutting my wood. I used the smaller 12x2x1/4 and the 6x2x1/4 piece of wood to make a lip and hang the LEDs on the bottom. I nailed the smaller pieces of wood to the base using one-inch nails. I wanted to wood glue it but we didn't have any and I had no time. The LEDs are run two and a quarter times in the inside of the lip. The second image is the LEDs on.

Step 3: Let It Glow!!

This project is heavily customizable so feel free to use different light, make your own lights, use smaller big, different types, just feel to express yourself. Hopefully, I did a good job to explain and this instructable inspired you to make a shelf like this own!

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