Introduction: DIY Lab Bench Power Supply at Home

About: DIY Maker

Hi friends today we are going to build a lab Bench Power Supply.

So let's go for it.

Step 1: Watch My YouTube Video

I have shown how i built the whole project here. So watch it for reference.

Step 2: Materials Used

Parts needed :

1. StepDown Transformer (230V - 1.5v , 3.0v, 4.5v ,6v ,9v ,12v)

2. Bridge Rectifier (1N4007 Diodes (4))

3. Switching Potentiometer and knob

4. Led with current limiting resistor

5. Wires

6. Sleves ot avoid short circuit.

Tools :


Soldering iron with wire

Wire cutter

Screw driver

Step 3: Safety Tip

Add a sleeve to connected are to avoid shorts.