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This DIY is inspired from a Miley Cyrus’s look (above image). I saw this picture on her Instagram and I fell in love with those pants she’s wearing. The pants look amazing and she is looking really cool. I have seen these types of laced pants on online shopping sites but they were very expensive. So, I thought should modify my ordinary jeans into laced jeans. That is how I thought of making this DIY and trust me the result was really unbelievable and it didn’t require any stitching even.

It is very easy to make these laced jeans. Although I didn’t style it entirely the way Miley Cyrus’s pants were instead, I changed a little orientation of where the laced part is going to be. Miley’s laced part of the pants were in the front side of the pant whereas in my jeans I have embedded the laced part sideways.

The type of jeans required to make this DIY doesn’t matter. You can do it on any kind of jeans or pants of any material. The size also doesn’t matter as one can modify it according to their size even if it doesn’t fit. I will be teaching you how you fit it in your size step by step just read and try to understand the steps.

The materials required for this DIY can readily be available at home. One would need a pair of pants they wish to modify, pair of scissors and laces. I used wool instead of lace because I had the accurate colored wool I would require for my jeans.

Step 1: Making It Fit

As I have already mentioned above that size can also be modified therefore there are three ways in which we can convert it into our size.

For people whose pants are little tight like me they have to open the stitches of the pants. First turn your pants inside out. We would have to open the sideways outward stitches of the pants. We can remove the stitches with the help of scissors. Just carefully cut the thread and pull it apart.

Now, for people who have proper fitting pants they can cut the pants into two parts by cutting near the stitches.

Now, for people whose pant are way too loose for them, all they got to do is just measure the extra portion putting the jeans on and then cut that extra portion from the jeans.

The subsequent steps are common for all sizes.

Step 2: Distressing Jeans

We would be giving a rough look to our jeans so we would distress the edge of the seams. It will give our jeans a rough and distressed look.

Step 3: Marking and Making Holes

In second step we would be marking and making the holes in our pants. Layout the pants and mark where the holes are going to be. Make markings leaving a gap of two inches in between.

Now, we have to punch holes on the markings we made. We can use a punching machine or a very sharp tool or even the tip of the scissors as I have done. Placing a clay beneath the cloth when making hole with scissors or any other sharp object would be a lot easier.

There is another way of making holes into the pants. One can insert eyelets and grommets into the markings for the lace to pass. Here is a tutorial you can refer to:

Step 4: Aglet Formation (optional)

We would have to make aglet for our laces. In case if there is no aglet on our laces available at our homes, we can always make one. For this we need tape, just roll two to three inches of wool/lace at both the ends with tape. The tape will give the wool/lace a firm grip while inserting it in the holes.

Step 5: Inserting Lace

It is time to insert the lace into the holes. This can be done in numerous ways but the popular and elegant way is the crisscross pattern. This is easy but very lengthy step because the lace can be inserted exactly the same way we insert shoe laces in the eyelets or the holes but instead of some small number of eyelets/holes on the shoes there are very large number of eyelets/holes on our pants.

Now, one can insert the laces wearing their pants or they can insert the laces then try them on. Just remember to tie a knot at the end.

That’s all the steps required to convert your ordinary jeans/pants into laced ones.

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