DIY Laminated Quotation Paper

Introduction: DIY Laminated Quotation Paper

For doing this people should have good handwriting
Should have art skills


Lamination paper
skecth pens
Hole punch

Step 1: Write a Quote

First with a neat handwriting, write a nice quote. Or else any word like “peace” or”honest”.

Step 2: Make the Background

Draw a suitable background using paint ,sketches,oil pastels or crayon any of your choice
I used sketch pens

Step 3: Lamination

Give your art all the final touches then put it in a lamination paper then cut it little bigger size of the paper and laminate it inside a lamination machine . If u don’t have it you can use an iron to laminate it.

Step 4: Making a Hole

Make hole with the hole punch and tie a ribbon to it so that your laminated design paper is ready !

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