Introduction: DIY Lamp With DC-DC Converter

About: I like the DIY concept, cause with the DIY you can know many things about what exactly your project is. I think it's the best way to learn something, you learn the concept, then built it your own way.

Lately, I have built some project with arduino and another project related to pcb and some electrical component. It's difficult to doing the whole things without a good light, so i decided to built my own $1.5 desk lamp.

This Lamp is actually a led, totally 5 led powered by a 9v battery. Since the led itself operated at 3V, so I make a dc-dc converter to convert the 9 volt to the 5 volt.

The converter is built from the capacitor(100uF 25v and 10uF 25v), potentio and lm7805 regulator. To make this lamp you will need:

1. 100uF elco capacitor x1
2. 10uF ceramic capacitor (i used the film one, since thats all i have) x1
3. pcb round shaped x1
4. LM7805 regulator x1
5. Some wire
6. Another wire (for the frame)

The DC-DC converter is also can used as portable charger, you just have to connect the female usb port to the output, then you can charge your phone using your data cable. But it does take a long time to charge if you using 9v battery since it has a little current :D

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