Introduction: DIY Language Translation Cards for Traveling

Create useful Language Translation Cards for your next overseas adventure or holiday. I travel overseas a fair bit and although I'm slowly getting better with my Spanish, German and French, these simple flash cards come in handy when I need that quick translation. I already have plenty of iPhone apps that do a great job if I've got more time, but it's a lot easier to quickly reach for the cards as I normally clip them on the shoulder strap of my backpack or belt clip. The cards cover common topics such as Food, Transport, Accommodation, Greetings, Emergencies etc.

Step 1: What You'll Need for the Project

To complete the project you'll need;

- 3 Sleeves from a pack of Clear ID Pouches.
- A pair of scissors
- Photo Quality Paper
- A PC or Mac and a Printer, and
- A copy of the Language Translation Card Template (you can find a direct download link to the template in the next step)

Step 2: What Next

I've created a word document template of English to Spanish translations just to save you some time. Please note some of the Spanish translations in the template are 'as the translated words and phrases sound' and not always as it should be correctly spelt. I found this a easier when I was trying to pronounce some words.

Feel free to edit translations into your desired language; once you open the word document, simply go to Google Translate and change to the language settings, then copy/paste the translated words back into the word document and 'Save As'. Click on the following link or copy and paste the link into your brower to download the English to Spanish Template

- Edit the template to suit your needs
- Print out on Photo Quality Paper, and
- Cut out each section at the size to suit your ID Sleeves.

Step 3: Putting It Together

Now insert 2 of each of the cards (back to back) into one of your 3 ID Sleeves and repeat the process for until you have 3 double-sided sleeves put together. Then attach a small key ring and you're good to go.

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