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Tired of looking at the same pictures on the wall or need a change of home decor? These lantern candle holders are very budget friendly and you can even use old picture frames as well! For this project, I used old picture frames that have fallen from the wall (plenty of times) and have been very beat up throughout the years of moving around. As long as the picture frames are the same size, you can make these lanterns!



Gem embellishments

Glue (hot glue or super glue)

(4) Picture frames 4x6

(1) Tile

Step 1: Remove the Backing on Each Frame

Take out the picture so that you have just the glass and frame left. Remove the glass pane, add some glue around the opening on the frame, and return the glass pane. Allow to dry completely before moving on so the glass doesn't fall out.

Step 2: Apply Glue to the Edges of the Tile

The tile is going to be used as your base where the candle will sit on. Glue the tile to the base of the four frames and as you work to form a cube, apply glue to the edges of the frames to hold them together.

Step 3: Add the Gem Embellishments

As you can see, I have an abundance of super glue along the edges of the frames where I applied glue to. To hide this, I sanded down the glue with sandpaper first. Then wipe the area clean before applying the gems. Glue the gems down to make sure they don't fall off during use. Add your candle inside the lantern and there you have it, a gorgeous and decorative accent with ambient lighting that can be used at dinner parties on the patio or your around the house. Don't forget that if you plan to burn your candle, make sure it is secure in the glass holder and in a well-ventilated area. And never leave a burning candle unattended.

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