DIY Laptop Sunshade

Introduction: DIY Laptop Sunshade

Make your own laptop sunshade using paper grocery bags (3 max) a pair of scissors, tape and a pen/pencil.

Enjoy making!

Step 1: Steps 1 - 3

- Materials needed: 3 paper bags (or less if you can do it). Scissors. Tape. Pen/Pencil.
- Gather your paper bags, open their bottoms, and lay them flat. See image 1.
- Align your laptop's parallel edge (top or bottom) to the edge of a bag. Trace your laptop on the bag. See image 2.
- Cut approx. 1 inch (3cms) out from the tracing of your laptop, cutting through both sides of the bag. See image 3. (Call this piece, piece ONE.)

Step 2: Steps 4 - 6

- Tape-up the edges of piece ONE (extra "strength"). See image 1.
- Take piece ONE and align it with your laptop, as you see in image 2.
- Make a line on piece ONE that's approx. 1 inch (3 cm) out from the parallel end of your laptop, as you see in image 2. DO NOT CUT ALONG THIS LINE. This will simply be used to measure and cut the other two pieces for your sunshade.
- Measure and cut the other two pieces for your sun shade (call these pieces, TWO-A and TWO-B). Once you've cut piece TWO-A, you can use it to measure and cut piece TWO-B (see image 3). Tape-up the edges of both TWO-A and TWO-B.

Step 3: Steps 7 - 9

- Take piece TWO-A and align it approx. 1 inch (3 cms) out from the top and side of your laptop. Once you've made the alignment, trace the top and side of your laptop. See image 1.
- Align piece TWO-A and TWO-B together, as you see in image 2. Mark where you should start to trace the side of your laptop on piece TWO-B. Trace the top and side of your laptop on piece TWO-B.
- Bring all pieces together, with piece ONE in the middle. Align each piece so that the tracings of the top and side of your laptop, meet. Fold and tape pieces TWO-A and TWO-B to piece ONE. All three pieces should now be joined together at the point where the sides of you laptop have been traced. See image 3.

Step 4: Steps 10 - 12 (Final)

- As you can see in image 1, you have to make a cut (down to the line that marks the tracing of the top of your laptop) to be able to fold both piece TWO-A and TWO-B in. Do one side at a time. Once you've cut and folded in, tape up the corner.
- That's it! You should now have something that looks like what you see in image 2, and it should fit over the top of your latop's monitor quite snuggly.
- As you can see in image 3, I taped the sunshade to the bottom/back of my monitor to make it more stable.

Step 5: The Finished Product!

The finished product!

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