Introduction: DIY Laptop Cooler (grill Like)

Easy way to do a laptop cooler. :)

Step 1: Materials / Tools



-Thread Cone (Available on any tailoring shop)

-Small on/off switch

-Small hobby motor

-9 Volts Battery


-Mighty Bond

-9 volts clip

-Propeller (Any kind of elesi fan that you have)


-Soldering Iron


Step 2: Solder the Wires of the Switch, Battery Clip and Hobby Motor

So that they will be all connected. The hobby motor will hold the propeller.

Step 3: Cut the Thread Cone

Cut it for 2 inch.

Step 4: Cut a Hole in the Plywood.

Put the hobby motor on the hole so that it wont move

Step 5: Put the Thread Cone on the Plywood

Use mighty bond (or super glue) so the thread cone won't move

Step 6: Tape the Wire

Tape them so that it won't look bad and messy

Step 7: And It's Done!

Hope you like it!.