Introduction: DIY Laser Cut Lamp

Welcome! Today, I will be showing you ho to make a Laser Cut Lamp with a laser cutter and a few materials.

What we will need:

Processing (version 2.2.1)

Download Link:


Download Link:

Download Link:

Acrylic (what your lamp will be cut out of)

Paper thingy (Miss Molloy Email)

What to do:

1. Download all softwares and zip files

2. Open Processing Version 2.2.1

3. Click on the "open" bar on the top left corner

4. Go to documents - processing - libraries - codableobjects - examples

5. Look through the designs, choose the one you like best

6. Once you see a code, scroll down till you find the word "wood" and replace that with "paper"

7. Then click the save button on the top left of the app

8. Click the play button, java will pop up and you will see a 3D design on the screen.

9. Play around with the bars on the right (height, width, top hole width etc..)

10. Make sure that that these required measurements are stable:-

- Notch width: 4.96mm

- Height: 300mm or less

- Side Number: Maximum of 6.08

11. Click the button on the bottom left corner that says parts, and make sure that the red circles are inside the white border.

12. Once you are happy with the design and it meets all regulations, click save on the bottom left corner of the screen.

13. Now you will see a code, click the save button on the top left of the screen, then copy the code onto a document, just in case anything happens the code is safe.

14. Close Processing

15. Open Inkscape (another app will open next to it, its ok its not harmful and is just there to support Inkscape)

16. Click the open button on the top right of the screen, then go to documents - processing - libraries - codableobjects - examples - (design you chose) - parts

17. Follow the steps on the pdf I linked

18. Do only the scaling part to the shade and pattern

19. Save files as DXF

20. Laser cut your lamp with acrylic

21. Put your pieces together