Introduction: DIY Laucher

This is a DIY launcher. It is powered using rubbing alcohol and activated by using an ignitor from a lighter. It can launch a variety of things from paper balls, to markers. It's a very simple DIY project to make for less than $20. It take an approximate 45 to 60 minutes to complete this project. This is a very efficient launcher that activates nearly every time, if done right.


1- piezo igniter from a lighter

1- 1/2 inch pvc pipe

1- 1/4 inch pvc pipe

1- screw on cap

1- 1/2 to 1/4 female adaptor

1- 1/2 inch connector

pvc cement

Heat shrink

90% rubbing alcohol

Step 1: Putting Together the Pvc Pipes

With both the 1/2 and 1/4 in pipes you should cut them, so you have extra pieces for a future step. After cutting the pieces to your preferred sizes, you glue the 1/2 inch connector to the 1/2 inch pipe and then attach the female adaptor. After putting the female adaptor you slide in the 1/4 inch pipe into the female adaptor. Now on the back you put on the screw on cap on the back.

Step 2: Installing the Piezo Ignitor

After having all of the pvc pipes connected you have to install the ignitor. You first have to put heat shrink on the wires so that after constant use the wires done melt. If the wires melt then there will be little to no spark and then it will not ignite. Then, you drill a hole in the 1/2 inch pipe, big enough for the wires to fit through. Keep in mind that the wires can't be to close or there also will be no spark. Now with the left over pipe you cute a small rectangle with two small holes to keep the wires far enough apart. After preparing the cut out piece of pvc pipe you stick the wires in and put the rectangle piece over the hole on the 1/2 inch pvc pipe and glue it on.

Step 3: How to Launch

Now that you have the entire launcher assembled you unscrew the back cap and spray the rubbing alcohol about 2-3 time. Then you close it and insert a marker or a small paper ball in the barrel of the 1/4 inch pipe. Now that you have sprayed rubbing alcohol and have loaded your ammo you click the button on the piezo ignitor.

Step 4: What to Do After Launching

After launching your object its usually a good thing the unscrew the cap and blow into the barrel to blow fresh air, so that it can shoot easier. After that just repeat the steps on how to launch, every time you launch.