Introduction: DIY Leather Dog Collar

If you have ever gone to the pet store and looked at the price tag on a leather collar and gasped with disbelief, you have reached the right solution--- learn how to make your own.

1. A sheet of Leather (shell cordovan is so soft but a little more pricey) or if you're into vegan it, go with faux leather (Pleather)
2. X-acto knife
3. hole puncher/leather puncher
4. old belt buckle (optional) 
5. Wax String (a roll in a color brighter or contrast to the leather shade
6. Two metal D Rings (optional --see 4.)
7. A leather punch
8. A hammer or a mallet. 

Step 1: Cut the Leather Piece to Fit Pet

Measure your dogs neck 
Mark how long you want the leather piece to be, and the width you would prefer
Cut using the knife and a ruler to make it straight and even 
Cut one end into a triangle shape (only if you dont want to use an old belt buckle)
Round up an inch or so to leave room for possible error

Step 2: Mark the Holes and Punch Them

Make three to four holes on one end using the hole/leather puncher
On the other end mark the holes using the belt buckle Or get creative if your not using the belt buckle

Step 3: Use the Wax String to Fill the Holes

Again, get creative, but it wil add a nice finishing touch

Step 4: Thread the End of the Collar Through Two Metal D-Rings

 One will hold the dog's tags, and the other will be used to secure him with a leash or chain.