Introduction: DIY Leather Tool - Stitching Punch

This project can be done only with hand tools. I use power tools when ever it is possible and suitable for purpose.

Difficulty: easy
Time: 15 - 45 mins.

I have set of diamond hole chisels which I normally use with very thick leather. I have upcoming project with thinner leather so i looking for smoother stiching holes. I have in my tool bag one broken diamond chisel and I want to give this tool a new life as a flat hole chisel.

Safety equipment: eye and hearing protectors. Good gloves. Work clothes


- Bench vise

- Locking pliers

- Side cutter

- Diamond file(s)

- Angle grinder with cutting disc

- Bench grinder etc (optional)

- Needles

- Stitching pony


- Broken chisel

- Leather

- Waxed thread

Step 1: Preparations

Cut the prong(s) with side cutter and flatten the tip with file. Also file sides thinner.

Step 2: Make Prongs

I like big caps between stitiching holes. This chisel is 12 mm wide, but I make only 2 prongs 2 mm wide each. Cab between prongs is also 2 mm. You might think why I dont make more prongs with all that metal, but I am cutting with freehand so there´s more room for error and my projects are typically small so there´s no need.

- Attach the chisel firmly before you use power tool. Cut approx. 8 mm deep cut with angle grinder. Support your elbow on the table. (Your hand is more stable) If you dont´t have power tools this cut can be made with file.

- Shape edges with bench grinder or use file to achieve the desired prong size

- With diamond file(s) you can make final shapings and remove burr

Step 3: Finishing the Prongs and the Handle

Tool is ready to use, but I wanted to put leather grip on it. Only function might be the look...=)

Cut piece of leather which is shorter than the rod. End of the rod can not be covered because it is struck with hammer.

Prepare leather for sewing. Use punch for clean holes.

Glue and attach leather on one side so it´s easier to sew.

There´s many stitching styles. I chose baseball stitch. Finish with knots and its done.