Introduction: DIY Lego Raspberry Pi + Usb Hub Case

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Hello this is my instructable on how to make a lego raspberry pi case, I was getting tired of having my usb hub and my Pi separate from each other so I decided to make a case to house them both.

This case also has an added usb hub. The design is pretty solid (No rattling) but I added some paper scraps to fill in some loose spaces.

I also put the Pi in its own case for added support but you can choose to not do that but you might have to add a few extra lego bricks

The only downside to this case that I have is that it is not drop friendly so if you drop it you better know how to put it together again ( or you can super glue it together hehe)

Parts Used in this build

Raspberry Pi -

Raspberry Pi Case -

Usb Hub - (This is just the one I used)

Lots of different sized Legos

I tried to get as many pictures as possible so everyone could see the design clearly but if you have any questions please leave a comment below.

This my first Instructable everyone, I hope you like it. Feel free to modify it and if you do please post another Instructable (a link to the original would be appreciated) and please leave it in the comments, and please if you think there is anyway to make my instructable better tell me. Now off to the fun : )

Step 1: The Base

The first base is 7 square lego bricks long and 5 lego bricks wide.

Start by getting lego plates for the first part of the base and then add 1 layer of bricks to the lego plates, make sure the base won't just fall apart when you pick it up.

Step 2: The Base's Walls

On these walls I used brick that are only half a block wide so it was easier to access the ports on the pi, I made sure to leave opening for all the ports. The walls are 3 bricks high.

Step 3: The First Roof

This is the 1st roof that will cover the Pi and will be the base for the usb hub. I only used lego plates for the roof so it wouldn't be to think, I used 2 layers of lego plates so its a sturdy roof.

Step 4: The Usb Hubs Walls

These are the walls for the usb hub. they are 3 blocks high and 6 blocks long. Make sure to leave openings for the stuff on the hub.

Step 5: The Usb Hubs Roof

This roof is just made up by pieces of lego plates so they are easily removed, this is the easiest part of the build.

Step 6: Adding the Raspberry Pi and Usb Hub

As the title says now you can put the Raspberry Pi and the Usb Hub in.

Step 7: Touching Up the Build

I added some paper so things don't move around or rattle, and some plate legos to keep the usb hub in.

Step 8: You're Done!

You're Done! You can now enjoy you new Raspberry Pi case.

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