Introduction: DIY Lego USB Flashdrive

Are you a fan of Legos? Need a case for that small USB device, such as a flash drive or a USB dongle. Your at the right place. This project is somewhat simple to do, you just need some basic skills with a couple of tools! Lets get started!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

What you need:
Lego Brick-(I used a 2x6) Use what will work.
Lego Plate-(I used a 2x6) Use what will work.
USB Flash Drive
Dremel+ Drill Press/Router Bit or similar.
Hot Glue Gun-(what I used but use any other glue or epoxy that will hold well)
Vise-( I used to pieces of wood clamped together that were then clamped to the desk as a replacement)
Sandpaper-( I have these pen sandpaper type things that I think I got off a Website called Woodcraft, lot easier to work with)

2x2 Brick
2x2 Plate

Step 2: Prepare Your Brick

First, get your brick and clamp it with a vise or my method with the studs facing sideways and the small edge facing up. Now, place your Flash Drive on the bottom edge and trace around it. This is what you will cut first. Now undo your clamp and take your saw and cut along the lines your made. Then cut it all out using your Dremel or X-acto Knife. Once done sand around the edge to make sure it's clean and not rough. Now you will need to clamp your brick upside down and grab your Dremel began to cut out the inside. I used a 2x3 brick to be able to keep some of structure of the inside and well, my flash drive fit! View the pictures for detail. Make sure your drive will fit through the slot we cut and inside the brick. Also, make your flash drive to make sure it can still have to go all the way into a female USB plug. You are not finished with the brick.

Step 3: Prepare Your Plate

This is easier then the brick, don't worry! Grab your X-acto and then cut off however many studs you need to, I only had to cut off 4 out of 6. After your done, I suggest sanding off any bump you feel. You are now done with the plate.

Step 4: Gluing It Together.

I suggest gluing in your drive first. Ensure that your drive will and make sure it's facing the way you want it. (Make sure it won't be upside down when plugged into a USB port). Then, take your hot glue and fill in the gaps in the bricks structure ( i still had some parts of the brick left, depends with you) and then keep going a little extra so your Flash Drive has some to stick onto. Wait to dry some, with me 5-10 after contact seemed good but I kept pressing to make sure it's in there good. Now put some hit glue on the flash drive. Then align your plate to the bottom and press to ensure it will all stick together, completing the brick.

Step 5: Optional Step: Cap

Take a 2x2 square and cut out the inside. Then trace a slot for the flash drive head to go into. Cut it out. Then cut the insides out. Next take a 2x2 plate and cut all the studs off and then sand till there's no bumps. Now, use something like hobby glue or model glue and glue the plate to the brick. Your cap is finished.

Step 6: Finished Product!

Your USB device is now finished and better then ever! I hope you have enjoyed reading and please comment if you have any questions or comments. Also, if you could, vote for me in the Lego Contest and Glue Contest! Thanks!

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