DIY Letterbox

Introduction: DIY Letterbox

Looking for a good gift for your family or friends? We got one that you can make by yourself under $10!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

In our project we used following:

-Two or three sheets of opaque black paper



- Plastic Baseball Holder

-Battery-Operated LED String Lights

-Plastic Wrap

Step 2: Cut Paper

Cut your paper so it covers all sides to your baseball display case. Make the sheets connected so it does not bleed that much light.

On one side of the paper, carve in a shape or letter. It could be anything.

Tape the paper to the display case.

Step 3: Lighting the Box

take some plastic wrap and make a dome around the letter in the inside. If it is crinkled, it will be brighter. Take your LEDs and string them around the edge of your letter. Tape all this together so no strings show.

Step 4: You're Done!

After you put the top on your done! Now you have a battery operated gift personalized just for the person.

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