Introduction: DIY Light Transmitting Concrete (+ HD Video)

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I'm going to show you (as best as I can) how to make light transmitting concrete. Google it, and you will be amazed at how beautiful it is! I was desperate to get my hands on some...but considering the cost, I decided to make some with stuff I already had around.

This material has the strange effect of looking shiny or sparkly...but it's dull concrete at the same time! It's very entertaining to show off or play around with.

If this material interests you, check this article out:

Here is the HD video:

Here is the normal video:

Step 1: Making the Mount

 You need to roll some polymer craft clay into a flat circle. Make it as level as possible.

Step 2: Making the Mold

 I cut out a ring from a spray paint can lid...anything that is waterproof will work. After you cut it, press it into the clay.
The whole point of this is to make a mold to cast the concrete into.

Step 3: Fiberoptics

Get one of those plastic fiberoptic toys. They have that sort of 'frill' of glowing wires...see the photo :)
Cut a bunch of small 1 inch segments by breaking off about 10 wires from the bundle, and cutting them short en masse.

Step 4: Placing the Fibers

 Stick the small fiberoptics you cut short (in the last step) into the polymer clay. This may take awhile...but it's kinda fun!

I used pliers. If you use them,too, be mindful not to crush the fibers...they are quite fragile, even though they are plastic.

Step 5: Pouring the Concrete

 I used Rockite Floor Leveling Cement. It's realty just super-duper's more durable and looks way cooler. I even think it's finer grained than plaster (and takes on finer detail. Unfortunately, it doesn't take paint well).

Mix the concrete pretty do not want air bubbles.

Step 6: Breaking the Mold

 Once the concrete is cured (2 hours?) pull off the polymer clay and cut off the plastic ring. The concrete will not stick to the fact, it's practically repelled by it!

Step 7: Trim the Fibers

 After you let the de-molded concrete dry out over night, cut off the extra long fibers. I used finger nail clippers to pick them off :)

Step 8: Polishing

 Use sandpaper to polish your new piece of light transmitting concrete! the effect is quite strange...sort of alien feeling. Light, even colored light, is able to pass right through and create a pixelized likeness on the opposite side...!