DIY Light-up Tassels and Conductive Thread Tutorial!



Introduction: DIY Light-up Tassels and Conductive Thread Tutorial!

Get out your creative circuit and craft materials because we're about to make some awesome light-up tassels for your room!

Materials Needed

Craft Materials Needed:

  • Tissue Paper (multicolor pack),
  • Metallic Wrapping Foil *can be found at Michael's craft store
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Needle (eye of needle needs to fit through sewable coin cell battery holder)

Creative Circuit Materials:

  • Fairy Wire (LED wire) *can be found on
  • coin cell battery
  • sewable coin cell battery holder
  • conductive thread *can be found on

Step 1: Let's Start Cutting Your Fairy Wire!

Fairy wire can be cut at any point and still retain it's circuit properties. Cut your LED Fairy Wire to your desired length.

Step 2: Let's Make Hoops With the Ends of the Fairy Wire!

Find the end of the wire with the resistor (looks like this). Fold over the ends of this side of you fairy wire so you’ll be able to sew around the loops.

Step 3: Thread Your Needle With Conductive Thread!

Thread your needle with the silver conductive thread. Conductive thread is almost as conductive as wire, which makes it an awesome tool for making craft circuit projects.

Threading Tip: Make sure you cut the thread with sharp scissors. If the scissors are dull it will fray the fiber in the thread and make it harder to get the thread through the eye of the needle.

Threading Tip: Use beeswax on the end of the thread to aid in threading the needle.

Step 4: Cut the Thread

After threading the needle, cut a foot long length of thread and knot the end.

Step 5: Wrap the Thread Around the Fairy Wire (positive Side)

Wrap your thread around the loop at the end of the positive LED fairy wire (the side with the resistor).

Step 6: Wrap Thread Around Battery Holder (positive Side)

After you’ve wrapped conductive thread around the positive wire’s loop, connect it to the positive side of the battery holder. The side with the three brackets touching the positive(top) side of the coin cell battery.

Step 7: Cut & Knot the Thread

Cut the conductive thread and tie the end in a knot and cut any remaining tail of conductive thread. Do not leave any loose tails of thread, or you might short circuit your project. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 for the negative strand of LED Fairy Wire and attach it to the negative side of the battery holder.

Step 8: Get Out Your Nail Polish!

Add clear nail polish to the knots to keep them in place.

Step 9: Add Your Battery!

If the negative side of the LED fairy wire is attached to the negative side of the battery holder and vice versa, and if the battery is put in the holder with the positive side up, your LED fairy wire should be lighting up! If it isn’t, check to make sure everything is attached correctly and solidly. Sometimes with circuits, you have to take them apart and put them back together to make sure you connected everything properly. It’s no fun, but worth it in the end!

Step 10: Time for Your Decorations!

Decorate you LED fairy wire with tassels. Lay your first sheet of tissue paper or foil flat on the table. Cut strips towards the center fold to create fringe.

Step 11: Roll the Tissue Tightly

Roll the tissue tightly, especially in the center.

Step 12: Fold It!

Fold roll in half, and then twist to create a loop for hanging on your fairy wire.

Step 13: Add More Tassels and Hang It Up!

Repeat with a variety of fun colored tissue or foil paper, and then string them on your fairy wire. Hang up your fairy wire with tassels in your room or use your tassels to decorate for a party.

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