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Introduction: DIY - Lightsaber Candle

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Market these days is flooded with expensive designer lights. For this instructable, I designed a light that not only resembles a Lightsaber but is also very economical and easy to make. You can use it as a Lightsaber candle by making it stand vertically on a shelf in the room or hand it over to the children for playing. Kids do have fun playing with it without getting injured.

SPOILER ALERT! There are many better and good looking Light Saber tutorials available online. This one is nowhere equivalent to those complex Light sabers but it is very easy to make and a fun toy for kids.

Step 1: Watch the Video

A video is a wonderful tool that helps to understand a concept well. It is recommended to watch the video as it will provide a deep insight and greater clarity to the procedure for making this DIY Lightsaber at home.

Step 2: Order Parts

  1. Hot Glue Gun Stick -
  2. 5mm LED (Blue) -
  3. 3v Coin Cell -
  4. Coin Cell Holder -
  5. Switch -
  6. Hot Glue Gun -
  7. Soldering Iron -

  1. Hot Glue Gun Stick -
  2. 5mm LED (Blue) -
  3. 3v Coin Cell -
  4. Coin Cell Holder -
  5. Switch -
  6. Hot Glue Gun -
  7. Soldering Iron -

  1. Hot Glue Gun Stick -
  2. 5mm LED (Blue) -
  3. 3v Coin Cell -
  4. Coin Cell Holder -
  5. Switch -
  6. Hot Glue Gun -
  7. Soldering Iron -

From Home & Local Store: Bottle Cap, Aluminium foil roll or a PVC pipe, flexible cardboard, aluminium foil, paint and connecting wires.

Step 3: Let's Begin - Make the Candle

  1. Take a Hot Glue Gun Stick and using drill machine, carefully make a hole at one of the ends.
  2. Insert a 5mm LED into the hole.
  3. Take a plastic bottle cap and make a hole at the center.
  4. Apply some hot glue inside the cap and attach it to the glue stick candle as shown in the image attached above.
  5. Take a 3v coin cell holder and solder wires to both the terminals.
  6. Apply hot glue over the bottle cap and paste the cell holder on the bottle cap.
  7. Solder the "-ve" terminal wire of battery holder to the "-ve" LED leg.
  8. Solder a wire to the "+ve" LED leg.
  9. Take a PVC pipe or a roll from food wrapping aluminium foil.
  10. Mark and cut a hole at the top half for fixing an On/Off switch.
  11. Paint the pipe using black color and let it dry for sometime.
Note: Refer to the above images and the video to understand the procedure well.

Step 4: Connections & Designing

  1. Pass the wires through the switch hole and fix the bottle cap in mouth of the PVC pipe (or roll).
  2. Solder a switch between both the wires, such that when the switch is turned ON, the LED lights up.
  3. Using Hot Glue, fix the switch in the hole made in the pipe.
  4. Cut few strips of different width from a sheet of flexible cardboard.
  5. Wrap all the strips in a piece of food wrapping aluminium foil.
  6. Using Hot Glue, paste the strips around the pipe to form various patterns and design.
  7. You can refer to the image above to see my design containing circular loops of the strips.

Step 5: Finishing Lightsaber Candle

Our Lightsaber candle is now ready. Check for the connection errors, if any. You can use any color LED and make the candles in various colors. This is a very quick and simple instructable project.

Few Possible Upgrades:

  1. Use a 3.7v Li-ion battery connected to a TP4056 charging module. The light will then work for many days and also can be easily charged using a 5v mobile charger.
  2. Use Two LEDs (in parallel), one at the top and other at the bottom. Both the LED's can be connected using a very thin enameled copper wire (so, the wire is almost invisible).

So friends, this here concludes the tutorial. In case you might have missed, watch the video and see how i made this simple Light Saber at home.

Make this simple toy and share your wonderful experiences in the comments section below.

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