Introduction: DIY Lithophane Floating Lamp

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From last few weeks we are seeing many posts about the Impossible Floating table. Using the same concept I have designed a Lithophane Floating Lamp. Lithophane Floating Lamp is a desk lamp,having the photos you desire to have on it. Its can be a best gift for your loved ones. The lamp has different color modes which can be triggered using a push button or a IR sensor.

Step 1: Components Required:

  • Arduino Nano(1)
  • Pixel LED Strip(20 LEDs)
  • Push Button Or IR sensor (1)
  • Female DC power pin(1)
  • 5V Adapter(1)
  • 3D printing

Step 2: 3D Printing:

  • Go to
  • Open Lithophane Lamp Maker Page.
  • Choose the images you want to insert.
  • Set all the dimension values as shown in image (as per my design).
  • Login with your E-Mail ID and click on Create.stl.
  • STL file will be downloaded.
  • Link for floating table STL:
  • 3D Print the lithophane in super quality.
  • 3D print the floating table.
  • Make the floating table using wires instead of strings.

Step 3: Circuit Connections:

  • You can choose the mode of triggering the lamp color modes either by push button or IR sensor.
  • The code for both the option is same.
  • Make all the connections as shown in circuit diagram.
  • I have used WS2811 LEDs, I will recommend you to use any addressable LED Strip so that it can be more continent.

Step 4: Code:

Step 5: Assembly:

  • Make sure to check all the functions of circuit after uploading the code.
  • Assemble everything together using glue.
  • That's it Lamp is ready.
  • Use a 5V adapter to power the lamp.