Introduction: DIY Luggage Tag Using Duct Tape

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Have you ever experienced thinking "It is my bag" and mistakenly took other's luggage during baggage claim?? No worries. Today I am sharing a easy to do luggage tag to add uniqueness to your luggage. Lets see how to make them.

Step 1: Materials Required

Duct tape

Utility Knife

Clear plastic or shipping tape

Cutting mat

Sticky back Velcro

Step 2: Making of Duct Tape Fabric

Take two strips of duct tape about 8" each. Place the sticky sides together to form duct tape fabric.Fold it into half for the luggage tag.

Step 3: Making of Closure

Take a 3" inch duct tape(Picture 1) , cut a half inch square on both the ends of one side of the tape.(Picture 2).Fold the tape one above the other to form the flap(Picture 3).Use the sticky area to attach the flap to the one end of 8" inch duct tape fabric which you made in the previous step(Picture 4).Shape the edge as desired (Picture 5)

Attach one side(hook side) of the velcro to the inner side of the flap and stick the other side(loop side) of the velcro on the back of the 8" duct tape fabric at the appropriate position.

Step 4: Add Clear Plastic for Inserting Address Label

Cut clear plastic (or fold a piece of shipping tape to the required size) with 3.75" length and 2" width. Add an half inch duct tape on all the corners . Fold the duct tape on to the inner side on the top alone. Place the clear plastic on the inside of duct tape fabric and fold the remaining tape to secure the clear plastic on to the duct tape fabric.

Step 5: Cover the Front

Take a contrast color duct tape about 4" inch and trim the corners for 0.25" inch and paste the tape on to the front of the luggage tag. Add any sticker or decoration to the front of the luggage tag.

Step 6: Take a Long Strip for Attaching the Luggage Tag to the Suitcase

Take 10" of duct tape and fold both the sides overlapping one above the other to form a long strip.Make a slit at the top to insert the strip.Insert the strip to the luggage .Overlap and secure the strip to the luggage with a piece of tape. Tada!! Your luggage tag is now ready.

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