This fantastically fun mini basketball game is a great tabletop game for your family and friends. This is a fun way to play a mini version of a basketball game that can be played at your home or office. This fun and easy game can be played just by pressing down on the launcher and get your best aim for the hoop to get points and win. The best part is,this game is very simple to make. You just need cardboard, a glue gun, stick, bottle cap lid, and a plastic cup and follow the instructions below and you’ll have your very own mini basketball game to play with.


In order to make the the Mini Basketball Game, you will need the following:

· Cardboards

· Ruler

· Pencil

· Scissors or Cutter

· Hot Glue

· Paper cup

. colored paper

· Spring

· Metal Strip

· Markers *optional

· Stickers *optional

Step 2: Cut the Cardboards Into Their Proper Shapes and Sizes

Cut the cardboard into the following shapes and sizes using the ruler as your measuring tool, pencil as your marker, and scissors/cutter as your cutting tool. Make sure to refer on the pictures.

Step 3: Make the Mini Basketball Court

Let us start first with the base.

After cutting the cardboards into their proper shapes, use the hot glue to stick the pieces into their rightful places. See the picture as a guide to know which pieces should go together.

Step 4: Make the Mini Basketball Ring

To make the base of the ring, stick the 8 x 5 to the 15 x 1.5 cardboard.

After making the base, do the hoop by forming a cone-like shape using a colored paper. The size of the hoop will depend on how big your mini balls are and how easy and difficult you want your game to be. If you want it to be easy, go ahead and create a larger hoop, but if you are up for a challenge, try making a smaller one but make sure that the hole is still big enough for the ball to enter and pass through. Refer to the picture above.

Step 5: Make the Ball Launcher

Stick the cardboard parts that are intended for the ball launcher together. Attach the spring inside and put the flexible board on top of the spring in a diagonal manner. Refer to the picture above.

Step 6: Put the Components Together

Attach the Mini Basketball Ring on the middle of the Basketball Court’s wall then stick the ball launcher at the end of the mini court’s floor parallel to the ring. Refer to the picture above.

Step 7: Decorate

Feel free to design your basketball court, add lines if you want using your markers or put stickers. Let your creativity take over and turn your basketball court into your own unique design to make it more realistic.

Step 8: Enjoy Playing

Place the ball on the Launcher.

Pull the launcher along with ball as you aim for the hoop.

Release the launcher by using the right amount of force.

If the ball shoots, you get a point. If not, try again.

Step 9: Know the Physics Behind the Game

The flicker that was used stores energy to propel the ball upwards. The harder you apply force before releasing it, the ball would move faster and cover a farther distance. In this game, the player must shoot the ball in the hoop. It can be done by applying the right amount of force in the launcher before releasing it. Furthermore, the apparatus resembles that of a catapult wherein an object will be launched in the air and at a certain point in time, the upward motion of the thrown object reaches zero. Once this happens, the object will start to fall down due to the gravitational force acting on it.