DIY Mini Pillows

Introduction: DIY Mini Pillows

These pillows add an extra glamor to your room and are sooo easy to make!! They take at most 45 minutes and they are a fun weekend activity! So go get your sewing set and start sewing these amazing DIY pillows!!


A piece of cloth (The color of your choice)



Thread (Color of your choice)

Sewing Needle

Pillow (Size of your choice)

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

These pillows are super easy to make and you need very little supplies. Gather: scissors, pillow, cloth, sewing needle, thread, and a pen. (Refer to supplies list)

Step 2: Outline the Pillow Case

When you have all your supplies, get your cloth and lay it out then put the pillow right on top. When you have that done get your pen and outline the shape of the pillow. (Hint: You should make sure you have extra space when you put the pillow on the cloth, just in case you make a mistake or decide to do something with that space).

Step 3: Cut Out the Pillow Case

When you finish outlining the cloth for the shape of the pillow grab your scissors and start cutting out the new pillow case. (Be careful with the scissors)

Step 4: Put Your Pillow Between the Cloth

This step is the hardest of all the others, but don't give up you can do it! All you need to do is to get the two pieces of cloth you should have cut and put one of them on the surface then get your pillow and lay it on top of that. If you have not already guessed, put the other piece of cloth right on top of that. See easy enough!!

Step 5: Start Sewing!!

This part will take you the longest. Get your thread and sewing needle then... start sewing. Put the thread all the way at the edge of the pillow to be able to add the extra glamour at the end, which is optional. (If you are still young then you should have an adult supervise you when you do this)

Step 6: Trim the Sides

When you are done sewing, start trimming the side of the pillow to make all the sides even! (Do this as necessary, optional)

Step 7: Add the Fringe (GLAMOUR!)

This step is optional and you do not have to do it. All you need to do is get your scissors and start cutting little snips. But not cutting it all off! :)

Step 8: ENJOY!!

Use these to decorate your room or wherever! Make a lot of these and use them too add glamor anywhere. you can even use them as gifts for friends!! :)

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    2 years ago on Step 8

    They are really cute! I will totally make them!


    2 years ago

    Nice pillows. Thanks for sharing.