DIY Macrame Barefoot Sandals for Beginners




Introduction: DIY Macrame Barefoot Sandals for Beginners

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Hi guys!

Please welcome these stylish barefoot sandals, which you can make from t-shirt yarn. It's a must-have for all boho girls this summer!

All you need to make them is just a plain t-shirt! This tutorial is absolutely suitable for complete beginners in macrame.


cotton t-shirt (or t-shirt yarn)


Step 1:

All starts with a plain cotton t-shirt:) Any size is ok.

Step 2:

Cut off the hem of the t-shirt (as shown in the photo) and cut 3 long strips (2,5 cm/0.98" wide) from t-shirt about 45 cm/17,5’’ cm each.

Step 3:

Pull the strips vigorously to turn them into cords about 5-7 mm/0.20-0.28" wide and 60 cm/23’’ long.

Step 4:

Take one cord, fold it in half and attach to working surface (cushion, mat etc) with two pins as shown in the picture. That will be "around the toe" section of the sandals.

Step 5:

Start making center piece of the sandals with add-on an additional cord using square knot. It is one of basic and easy makrame knots.

Take a new cord and place it under two central cords you already have (start 3 cm/1,2’’ down from pinned section)

Step 6:

Place left side of the cord over central cords

Step 7:

Make a knot moving right side of the cord over the left side, under central cords and through the loop on the left. Pull gently both sides of the cord to tie a knot.

Step 8:

Now let’s make second part of the knot! Place left side of the cord under central cords.

Step 9:

Make a knot moving right side of the cord under the left side, over central cords and through the loop on the left

Step 10:

Pull gently both sides of the cord to make a knot. It should't be very tight.

Step 11:

Now you need to add-on remaining strip using technique already described above. Distance between two square knots should be about 3 cm/1,2’’

Step 12:

Take two upper working cords from the knot №1 and pull them down under working cords of knot №2.

Step 13:

Now use these four cords (two central and two working) to make one more square knot 3 cm/1,2’’ down the second one.

Step 14:

Center piece of our sandals is done, time to start the straps! You need just two more square knots on each side. Look on the picture to understand where to place them. Strap knots are the same you already made before but have just one central cord, not two.

Step 15:

Now you have three cords left on each side of sandals. You need to leave just one cord (central one). So take two cords on the sides and make two simple knot with them (behind central cord), one by one.

Step 16:

Pull the knots tightly (so they don't untie) and cut off cords.

Step 17:

You are nearly there..! Leave enough string length on each side to tie around your ankle (about 20 cm/7,9’’) and snip the rest.

Step 18:


Well done)

Hope you enjoy your new barefoot sandals!

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    3 years ago

    Very pretty! And thanks for such clear photos of the knots :D