Introduction: DIY Magic Polaroid Film

When the parents go to a family restaurant, or when they drive with their kids, sometimes it is difficult to make them in a good manner. Here's a portable, safe, and fun toy for catching the kids' attention! This is called Magic Polaroid Film. I hope this can be helpful for anyone who likes to play with kids or who are in the field of educating/parenting!



White and clear paper (I used 6 x 4)

Designed paper (12 x 12, optional)

Sharpie marker

Color markers

Regular tape and double-sided tape (I recommend invisible tape)

Scissor and ruler

precision knife (optional)

Step 1: Draw What You Want to Draw

For the first step, you need a white paper, clear paper, a tape (I recommend an invisible one), and markers.

Once you get ready with all the suppliers, take time to draw something you'd like to see on the white paper. I draw ice cream, but you can create a character or anything.

While you are drawing, make sure that you draw the outline of your drawing with a dark pen like a Sharpie.

Then, attach the clear paper on the top of your drawing and trace only the line cleanly with a Sharpie.

Step 2: Make a Frame for Your Drawing

Now, you need a designed paper.

If the paper you have is a large square shape, cut it in size of 7 x 9. And fold it in half.

Now, cut in the middle of the front page of your frame in a rectangular shape (4 x 3) like a polaroid film.

The important part of this step is you should cut the middle, not leaned to one side.

Finally, cut the top of the frame in a semicircle shape.

Step 3: Make Trick Inside of the Frame

Now, you'll need another white paper which is the same size as your drawing.

Then, tape the sides of white paper inside the frame where the red mark is indicated. Before you fold the frame again, tape the bottom of the frame by using double-sided tape.

Step 4: Complete Making the Frame!

Your frame should look like the first picture above.

Lastly, tape the side of the frame as well. Now, when you see the inside of the frame, there should be a layer inside of it.

Step 5: Place in Your Drawing and Enjoy!

When you put the drawing in the frame, make sure that white paper should be placed between clear paper and drawing paper.

Now, putting it in and out, you can show it to your kids!