Introduction: DIY Magician Hat

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Hello Everybody!Now I want to tell you about my instructables,Magician Hat!Easy to make and need some patients.Hope you like it!

Step 1: What You Need:

-HVS Paper
-Cardboard/Cereal Box
-Origami/Color Paper
-Scotch Tape
-Glue(Glue Gun/UHU/FOX/etc) -Ruler

Step 2: Covering HVS

Cover The HVS with black color origami.You Can change the color.Make 2-4 Black HVS.

Step 3: Attach HVS

Attach HVS to the Cardboard/Cereal Box.After That,Cut It.

Step 4: Make a Circle

Create A Circle with a radius 10.5 Cm in HVS.This Circle Will be Used as a template so that your head can later enter into the Hat.If this circle is too small or too Big,Make it the right size for your head.And then Cut It.

Step 5: Attach Circle

Attach Circle in step 3 in Cardboard That was attached Black HVS.Try to attach Circle in the middle of the Cardboard.

Step 6: Cut the Circle

Cut the circle that was attached to the black Cardboard in Step 4.This Hole Will be used to make your head enter.Cut it carefully so that other parts not truncated.I'm So bad at Cutting that :(

Step 7: Don't Waste This

Don't waste the circle that was cut because that piece will be used for top side of the hat.

Step 8: Step 7:

Attach other black HVS around circle in Step 6.attach on the top of the wide side HVS.this might use 2-4 HVS Paper.

Step 9: Step 8:

Attach the bottom side black HVS in step 7 to around hole in black cardboard in Step 5.

Step 10: Decoration Time

And You are Finish!But Just the Hat.Now,Decoration Time!You Can Decorate the Hat like what you want.Magician Hat?Soccer Supporting Hat?Quotes Hat?It's Up to you!

Step 11: Step 10:

Thank You For See This Project.Hope You Like It!If You like this project,please Vote Me in papercraft contest and add it to your favorites!Arigato!Obrigado!danke!dank u!dankon!grazie!terima kasih!gracias!Gratias ago tibi!

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