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WELCOME to my first Instructable!

First of all it was a really hard work making this, so I hope you like it and if you loved it, want to know something or have a tip for me please don´t hesistate to comment my work. And what better way to making in the Instructables world than entering a contest!?

So, let´s begin!

Step 1: Gathering Materials

I used some commo materials that anyone can have and get nearby.

-CD Cases (just the clear part)

-Black cardboard

-White sheets of paper

-Lamp holder

-A piece of 2.2"x2.2"x3/8" wood

-Some magnets

-Light Bulb

-AC cable


-Black play dough

-Some glues

-Screwdriver, general tools for cutting and measuring

Step 2: The Templates

I made 2 cubes: the base and the "lamp"

Both are 3x3x3 inches, and I took the redstone lamp for the upper part and a dark oak plank as the base, because that was a common lamp I made in the game. REMEMBER here you can use any template you want, but I´ll upload mine if you like it.

Step 3: The Base

Begin cutting 6 3"x3" cardboard squares. Then take the lamp holder and srew/glue it above the plank of wood. After that just glue with some good glue the wood at the center of the cardboard.

Next you will need to measure the diameter of the bulb you are using. Mine was 1.5 inches so I cut a 1.5" hole in another cardboard square. Also in another square cut a little hole for the AC cable to enter the lamp.

I measure half inch from each corner of the square with the big hole and glue 4 magnets in each one.


Please remember to put all magnets at the same orientation, so it will be easy later.

After the magnets are set, proceed to glue the templates in all the squares, and remember to cut the holes. Now introduce the AC cable at the hole you made. to make sure it wont go out you can secure it with a knot or with glue. Then just unscrew the terminals, wrap the cable and screw back again.

So it is time to make the cube! begin pasting all the squares and leave the one with the hole out.

After the cube is done I noticed there were small gaps where the light could go out, so I used the dough to cover those gaps. After that, glue the last square and there you have the base of our Nightlight.

Step 4: The "Lamp"

Mark 6 3"x3" squares on the CD cases and cut them (For me, this was the hardest part). And cut the same hole in one side.


Before you glue the magnets remember that all 4 magnets from the case must match the 4 magnets from the base. Same measurement, half inch from the corner of the square.

As a redstone lamp we don´t want the black parts to light, so cut 6 3"x3" squares of black cardboad and make the frame of the template in each one.

After that, glue the cardboard above the clear square, and above that glue the redstone template. Repeat for all sides.

Begin making the cube by pasting the sides and also remember to use the dough in case you see any holes.

Step 5: FINISH!

Congratulations! Now you have a good looking Minecraft-themed lamp!

You can be creative and make another top lamp, I made another one of Glowstone.

And when you get bored of seening the same lamp, just make another one!

Thanks for reading my first Instructable, and if you liked it for the Minecraft contest, please vote :)

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