Introduction: D.I.Y Magnetic Coupling for Laptop Out of Small D/C Motor

A few months ago my Laptop battery went dead, so i have to be plugged in 24/7 or else my laptop goes dead. So getting tired of getting unplugged by slight movements of my laptop I decided to make a magnetic coupler for it so it would stay in place. I didn't get any pictures while i was making it but this should be easy enough without them.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You'll need
-a small D/C motor (easy to find in R/C cars/planes or busted gaming controllers)
-electrical tape
-some kind of adhesive ( I used some finger nail acrylic power and liquid,I imagine super glue or hot glue would also work)
-saw blade to cut the motors metal frame ( I used my handy dandy Swiss Army knife's file/saw blade)
-something to pry open the motor with( once again Swiss Army knifes are nice, but a screwdriver or anything that you can get the job done with works)
-file to finish up the cutting

Step 2: Getting the Magnets

To get the Magnets bend over the little metal tabs holding the plastic piece to the frame. Once you get it open the magnets are usually held in place by tabs of metal, and a bar of metal that's in a U shape. bend the tabs back up and pull out the metal bar to get the magnets lose.

Step 3: Preparing the A/C Adapter Female End

Now to Prepare the plug-in on the laptop cut the end off of the metal casing of the motor. Next make the hole the axle would be going through big enough for your plug to fit in. I used the tip of the file on my Swiss army knife, If you have a drill press available that would work great only if you know what you are doing or are under adult supervision. I don't need any kids getting there fingers cut off because of me. I also imagine a Step bit would work very well. once your done test fit it, and make sure it plugs in far enough.If not file it down until it does.

Now you can begin to adhere it to the laptop.The easiest way to do this is to close the laptop and face the side with the plug-in up. Be very careful not to get any of what ever "glue" you decide to use inside the plug-in. I don't know what effects super glue or acrylic liquid will have on your motherboard so lets just not find out. Use very little glue and apply it in layers. Don't come crying to me if you mess up your motherboard I Have warned you. Before the solution dries make sure the hole is lined up buy putting the plug-in in the laptop and removing it again to insure it doesn't get adhered as well.

Step 4: Preparing the Male End

This is the easiest part. After the all the glue has dried plug it in and set one magnet on each side of the plug-in. Then wrap the electrical tape around it really tight making sure the magnets are still making contact with the metal piece you glued on.
A little glue on the magnets might help them stay in place better. I just dabbed a little acrylic on the end of the magnets

Step 5: A Little Trouble Shooting and Alternative Methods

If it Doesn't work very well make sure the magnets are making direct contact with the metal piece. Another idea is to replace the metal piece with a magnetic ring from a small A/C motor if your can find one thats the right size.

well thats it hope this is helpful. I'm open for any suggestions