DIY | Make a Tape Measure With Gum Tape Used Box | Gold Screw

Introduction: DIY | Make a Tape Measure With Gum Tape Used Box | Gold Screw

Normally, the sewing ruler in my house would lie very messy and difficult to find when needed.
So today I'm going to make it a container that looks like a tape measure with used gum case.

All that we need:

- Sewing Ruler (1x)

- Used gum tape box (1x)

- Super glue

- Paper knifes

- Screw

- A short aluminum bar(Get it from clothes hanger)

Step 1: Make Two Hole

Using paper knifes to make two hole in the center

Step 2: Using Screw to Drill Hole

It's will be easier to drill hole with the screw

Step 3: Create a Crank

I'm using a aluminum bar that get from clothes hanger

Step 4: Rolling the Sewing Ruler in to the Box

I'm using super glue and rolling the sewing ruler in to the box

Step 5: Adjust the Size of Mouth Box

Adjust the size of mouth box, it's will be easier to pull and release the sewing ruler.

Step 6: Finish

It's very easy and useful with me (easier to put it in the storage).


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