Introduction: DIY Makeover – Modern Farmhouse Style Small Space Bathroom

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When we first moved into our first home in New Jersey we desperately needed to tackle our tiny master bathroom space immediately. It was time for a Modern Farmhouse Style Bathroom Makeover.

In this post we will go through all the steps to show you how we made this amazing DIY transformation into a Modern Farmhouse Style Bathroom.

Step 1:

This space is completely non-functional! We need a DIY miracle to make this bathroom a WOW FACTOR!

Fist we removed the sink, medicine cabinet and the toilet.

After that we pulled up all of the tile only to find very old hideous pink mosaic tiles underneath…

Oh boy this is going to be a tough job to pull up.

Step 2:

Setting new, farmhouse style tiles over existing ones has amazingly become a snap with the introduction of Mapei’s innovative Eco Prim Grip.

It’s a bond-advancing primer that makes your existing tile or stone surface prepped to take on a new layer of tile This stuff is absolutely amazing.

It can be painted with a roller in just one coat. A surface coated with this stuff is ready for new tile installation within 30 minutes.

Step 3:

For our shower floor tile we decided to choose the Vogue Matte Black shower floor penny round tiles. It creates such an amazing look and so easy to install!

This SomerTile we chose was a perfect choice to add a modern farmhouse look in our bathroom.

Step 4:

We then decided for the shower wall to go with classic white subway tiles (3″ x 6″).

This was the part of the project that took a long time because we thought we would save money by getting single tiles instead of the tile sheets.

Depending on your budget the single tiles are way cheaper, around .70 cents apiece.

Not bad!

Step 5:

We wanted to relocate the shower head and upgrade the shower fixtures to add a sprayer and rain shower head.

So we removed the drywall behind the shower wall to gain access.

We used 1/2″ pex pipe and shark bite fittings to plumb in the new shower diverter and hardware.

Step 6:

In order to install this really cool faucet, we had to plumb the wall.

We had to kind of home hack the plumbing to make the process a bit easier.

We ran flex tubing and some Pex with Shark Bite fittings to run the hot and cold water lines and also added wood pieces to mount the valve.

Step 7:

After plumbing in the sink faucet we covered up the walls with white ship lap.

This really made the bathroom farmhouse style come together.

The oval mirror and black hardware give this sink space a farmhouse charm!

Step 8:

Because this space was a very specific size and small it was too difficult to find the right size vanity to purchase.

So we decided to build our own and stain it!

We used to give it a darker brown appearance.

The natural wood look really pulled this bathroom together.

Step 9:

As you can see from the image we decided to go with a glass shower door with black hardware.

Installation was actually easy as long as you have the right tools, like a drill and bit for masonry as well as a level and clear silicone caulk.

Step 10:

One last piece of the this project was adding storage shelving above the toilet.

We decided to tie in the wood look and add 2″ x 10″ shelves stained (with same stain we used with the vanity base) with gas pipe brackets.

Step 11:



We hope you enjoyed our transformation!

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