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Introduction: DIY Mandalorian Armor

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Welcome to my instructable! Over the past 2 weeks, I've been working to complete a full set of DIY Mandalorian armor from the show "The Mandalorian", and I think it came out pretty well! The main elements of the costume are made from 3d printed models, and EVA foam. This process does take a fair bit of time, so work liberally if you're trying to complete this outfit for a certain deadline.


Necessary supplies:

  • 3D printer and CAD software.
  • 1/4 inch EVA foam.
  • 1/8 inch EVA foam.
  • Flat gray primer.
  • Silver spray paint.
  • Sand paper.
  • Black flight suit.
  • Black cape.
  • Black gloves.
  • Yellow acrylic paint.
  • Leather belt and strap.
  • Leather boots.
  • Exacto blade/Box cutter.
  • Gray fabric (I just used an old shirt).
  • Cardboard.
  • Hot glue.
  • Welding shiled

Step 1: 3D Print Your Parts!

The parts that I 3D printed include the helmet. the hand armor, the gauntlets, and the shoulder pauldrons. This step is easily the longest if you only have access to only one printer, so be patient! After you print your parts, I would recommend sanding over rough areas, or using a filler primer to fill in cracks for a more smooth finish. After Sanding, you're ready for spray paint. First use a flat gray or white primer, and use at least 2 coats of silver spray paint to finish the plastic parts! After the helmet is printed and put together, You can attach your visor into the inside of the helmet using hot glue as a placeholder to keep it in as you wait for a 2 part epoxy or super glue to dry.

Links I used for the Models:

Step 2: EVA Foam

I used EVA foam for the chest plate, hip, and leg armor. For this step its important that you have ready access to a heat gun so you can bend the foam to the correct shapes, as well as your box cutter/exacto blade to cut the foam. I would also recommend to take your measurements to make sure the armor fits you perfectly. I used the 1/4 inch thick foam for the base of each armor plate, and the 1/8 inch EVA foam for the details and outlines. To attach all the elements to the foam use hot glue. After all the EVA foam armor is made, use a flat gray/white primer, and use at least two coats of silver spray paint for the best finish. For the gray fabric on the bottom of the Mandalorian's suit, I used an old gray T-shirts' fabric to wrap and glue around a piece of cut cardboard, and then I glued the bottom chest piece to the fabric.

Step 3: Accessories and Putting the Suit Together

To get the best look, be sure to 2 leather straps/belts that you can use for the Mandalorian's belt and bandolier. Furthermore, leather boots really help ass to the look! A black cape is also necessary, I already had one available, but you can also make one by cutting a hole is a proper length black cloth. To attach the armor to myself, I used a black flight suit and hot glued Velcro onto the inside of each armor piece and the flight suit respectively. I did not put any Velcro on the wrist gauntlets. Be careful when attaching the Velcro for the shoulders, as if they are placed slightly off, it can be uncomfortable. For the gloves, I painted the fingers of a pair of black gloves yellow, and attached the armor with Velcro. After everything is attached, you should be done! Any extra details can also be added if that you see fit!

Step 4: Look Super Cool!

My armor came out pretty well! Hopefully your does too!

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