Introduction: DIY Macro-Imaging Lens for Mobiles

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This Instructable shows you how to make a Macro-Imaging Lens for the camera on you phone or other mobile device. A simple definition of Macro-Imaging is taking a picture of something EXTREMELY close up. 

I am not the one who discovered this. This is where i originally found it here.

The thing you will need for this Instructable:
Laser Pointer (cheap one, will be opening it up)
Hair Clip (see pic)
Flash light
Mobile w/ camera
Multi Tool

Step 1: Opening Up the Laser

So the first thing you need to do is open up the laser. Twist off the top part, then using a knife or screwdriver remove the white thing. Be very careful while doing this because there is a spring that is going to send the lens flying out. Once you get the lens out, make a mark (with a knife maybe) on the edge of the side that was pointed in toward the laser. This is so you know the correct orientation of the lens when putting it on the camera.

Step 2: Put the Lens in the Hair Clip

Step 3: Put Lens on Camera

So now you take the lens, and put it on the camera, making sure that the side of the lens that was pointing toward the laser is also pointing toward the camera. This gives it the best possible magnification. Then tape it down.

Step 4: Take Pics.

Two things to know about taking pics. First is that having a light pointed around the area you are trying to look at is helpful because the shadow of the mobile will make everything dark. Second is that you will have to get really close to the thing you are taking the picture of to get it to focus.